Study Abroad

The Department of Criminal Justice provides students (undergraduate and graduate) the opportunity to travel to other countries to learn about their criminal justice systems.  The travel abroad program includes two parts: (1) during the spring semester, students enroll in a class where they learn about the culture and criminal justice system associated with the country of interest; and (2) students travel with Dr. Amy Stichman to the country of interest for a few weeks during the month of May. This is a wonderful opportunity for Criminal Justice students to learn about other cultures and criminal justice systems, and to travel to exciting places around the world.

Dr. Amy Stichman (Associate Professor of Criminal Justice) creates and leads the criminal justice study abroad tours.  Thus far, Dr. Stichman has traveled with Criminal Justice students to Italy, London, Brussels, Amsterdam, and several Scandinavian countries.  To get an idea about what the study abroad experience is like, look at the photos and captions from previous trips provided below.




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