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The Department of Criminal Justice (CJ) is committed to academic excellence, instructing students using empirical research, promoting ethical citizenry, and application of knowledge to real-life experiences. Our academic program provides students with both a general and in-depth knowledge of the criminal justice system and the administration of justice, which includes research on various programs and policies related to crime and criminal justice.  The curriculum covers all aspects of the criminal justice system, including police, courts/law, and corrections; it also explores why people commit crimes and how to reduce crime.  Many of the courses are related to inequalities in the criminal justice system, including racial, gender, and social class, as well as issues associated with social justice. Our students acquire the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in a variety of careers in criminal justice and related social services fields. 



What you can learn



A mastery of core content areas in criminal justice and criminology.


The ability to locate, integrate and use information from a variety of sources to effectively communicate in both verbal and written forms.


Application of knowledge through field-based learning experiences, as well as civic/community engagement activities.


Understanding of diverse positions, including those representing a variety of cultural, economic, and geographic interests within the context of criminal justice.




Our Faculty


Faculty members in the department represent a wide array of expertise including policing, corrections, courts/law, criminal justice policy, criminological theory, and juvenile justice to name a few.


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Career Paths


Students graduating with a degree in criminal justice have found rewarding careers in policing, law, parole and probation, corrections, and victim advocacy. The content knowledge, the analytical and communication skills, and the capacity for critical thinking (all of which are delivered and nurtured through our programs) prepare students for a multitude of career paths.


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Median salaries

Police and Detectives: $66,020

Probation Officers/Correctional Treatment Specialists: $60,250

Substance Abuse, Behavioral Disorder, and Mental Health Counselors: $48,520 


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Study Abroad

The Department of Criminal Justice provides students (undergraduate and graduate) the opportunity to travel to other countries to learn about their criminal justice system.

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Please do not hesitate to contact the department’s Administrative Assistance, Terence (Jack) Jackson if you have questions.  He is a terrific resource for connecting you to information about the CJ program. Contact him at

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