Mary Derting, Murray State University
Erika Offerdahl, mentor
An exploration of schematic representations of photosynthesis in textbooks

Molly Gareis, Minnesota State University Moorhead
Jenni Momsen, mentor
The effect of visualizations on assessment cognitive level

Jacqueline Hanson, Minnesota State University Moorhead
Jenni Momsen, mentor
Breaking the cycle: Carbon representations in undergraduate textbooks

Amanda Kliora, Bethel University
Erika Offerdahl, mentor
Cracking the system: Explicitness of function and behavior in schematic textbook visualizations of DNA replication

Zachary Krakower, University of Maryland - College Park
Warren Christensen, mentor
Applying the resource-based ontology to undergraduate quantum mechanics

Alexandra Lau, Mount Holyoke
Mila Kryjevskaia, mentor
The relationship between visual skill and student difficulty expressing a distance in terms of wavelength

LaDoris Lee, Northeastern Illinois University
Warren Christensen, mentor
The right moves? How student feedback informs faculty teaching decisions

Alister McInerny, Western Washington University
Mila Kryjevskaia, mentor
Analyzing student reflection

Megan McKeon, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Lisa Montplaisir, mentor
Drawing as assessment in Human Anatomy & Physiology courses

Leah Schreifels, University of Wisconsin River Falls
Jeff Boyer, mentor
The nature and extent of students' interactions with online multimedia learning modules

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