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Stephanie Berg, University of Minnesota Morris
James Nyachwaya, mentor
Student Perceptions of the Particulate Nature of Matter in Different Physical States

Yasmine Brahmia, Rutgers University - New Brunswick
Jeff Boyer, mentor
Does Gender Affect Student Relationships with LAs?

Aeowynn Coakley, San Jose State University
Warren Christensen, mentor
Development of a Rubric to Characterize Introductory Physics for the Life Sciences Curricula

Alexander (Nick) Coon, Kansas State University
Matt Smith, mentor
Identifying Relations of Student Math Values in Biology

Hernán Gallegos, Tufts University
Jeff Boyer, mentor
An Exploration of Social Networks for Under-Represented Minorities Students in LA-supported Classrooms

Nicholas Garza, Oakland University
James Nyachwaya, mentor
General chemistry students’ conceptual understanding of thermochemistry in a biological context

Nekeisha Johnson, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
John Buncher, mentor
Using Networks to Examine Consistency in Student Errors in Vector Operations

Ruby Kalra, University of California Los Angeles
Warren Christensen, mentor
Investigating the Prevalence of Non-Cartesian Coordinate Systems in Upper-division Physics Textbooks

Skyylar Muehleisen, Auburn University
Kimberly Booth, mentor
Question Session in STEM Progression: A Qualitative Study on Non-Biology Majors’ Question Complexity in an Introductory Biology Lab

Allie Osgood, Lewis and Clark College
Kimberly Booth, mentor
What Aids Grades? Examining Student-Generated Questions


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