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Giovanny Adan, Birmingham Southern College
Kimi Booth, mentor
What are Students Thinking? Analyzing Student Rationale for Socio-Scientific Issues

Drew Aubry, Western Kentucky University
John Buncher and Warren Christensen, mentors
Gender Fairness within the FCI: A Replication

Anna Babiak, Saint Mary's College
Kimi Booth, mentor
Community-Engaged Learning and STEM: How Initial Perceptions Vary Based on Course

Cameron Booth, Kent State University
Gursimran Walia, mentor
Evaluation of Human Error Abstraction Training for Professional Software Developers

Cooper Breed, State University of New York at Geneseo
Lisa Montplaisir and Becky Reichenbach, mentors
Case Study Analysis of Cooperative Learning Strategies Employed at the Collegiate Level

Amelia Cuomo, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Warren Christensen and Brian Farlow, mentors
What's the Point? An Analysis of Non-Cartesian Coordinate Systems in Upper Division Physics Textbooks

Anastasiia Gryshyna, Stetson University
Alexey Leontyev, mentor
Flipped Classroom in Life Sciences: Meta-Analysis

Samantha Hyme, Kent State University
Alexey Leontyev, mentor
Evaluation of the Impact of a Multistep Synthesis Project

Luis Ibarra, University of California Los Angeles
Danielle Condry and Katie Wissman, mentors
Student Perception and Group Preference within Community-Engaged Learning Projects

Nickolas Watkins, The Pennsylvania State University
Kimi Booth, mentor
Vaxx Facts: The Need for Evidence-Based Decision Making

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