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Microcomputed Tomography

GE Inspection Technologies v|tome|x s 240kV microfocus X-ray computed tomography system with additional 180kV HPNF submicron X-ray tube (nanoCT) and high-contrast digital flat panel detector

The microCT system enables external and internal evaluation of intact objects, not otherwise possible without permanent damage. Like computed tomography (“CAT scanning”) in human medicine, microCT equipment acquires successive radial X-ray images of an object. Then sophisticated software in a powerful computer workstation manipulates the images to provide tremendous detail: digital 3D reconstruction, exterior and interior measurements, porosity analysis, defect inspection, and surface rendering for finite element analysis and 3D printing. This type of nondestructive testing technology has wide-ranging research and commercial applications.

National Science Foundation (NSF) Division of Biological Infrastructure Award #1229417

Transmission Electron Microscopy and Microanalysis

Scanning Electron Microscopy and Microanalysis

Sample Preparation and Ancillary Equipment

  • Cross Section Polisher, JEOL IB09010CP
  • Dimple Grinder GATAN model 656
  • GATAN Precision Ion Polishing System
  • Ultrasonic Cutter GATAN Model 601
  • Disc Grinder GATAN Model 623
  • RMC MTXL Ultramicrotome
  • Cryoultramicrotome:  RMC Powertome XL with CR-X crysectioning system
  • 2 sputter coaters for metallic conductive coating of SEM samples
  • Carbon coater, high-vacuum, Cressington 208C Turbo
  • Critical-point Drier, Tousimis autosamdri®-810
  • Precision saw, Buehler IsoMet 1000
  • Tensile stage, Deben MICROTEST

Light Microscopy - Olympus, Nikon, and Leitz research-grade compound and stereo light microscopes

Secure digital imaging, storage, retrieval, and sharing capabilities

All of our instruments are in climate-controlled, vibration-isolated rooms for best performance.

Additional characterization (XRD, XPS, NMR, and others) available through NDSU's Research Operations Recharge Center and Characterization Service Center.

Electron Microscopy and Nondestructive Inspection

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