Scott Payne (MS, Organometallic Synthesis; PhD, Materials and Nanotechnology), Director of the Electron Microscopy Core and Executive Director of NDSU Core Research Facilities in the Office of Research and Creative Activity.  Dr. Payne has been employed at the Electron Microscopy Core since 1995 and in charge of the facility since 2008.  He is expert at operation and maintenance of the microCT and scanning and transmission electron microscopes, including specialized analytical techniques such as energy-dispersive spectroscopy for elemental analysis and electron energy loss spectroscopy (EELS).

Jayma Moore (DVM; MS, Veterinary Anatomy and Fine Structure; MS, Parasitology), Laboratory Manager, has been with the EM Core since 2003.  Dr. Moore's primary responsibilities include SEM and microCT operation, preparation of biological and materials samples for light and electron microscopy (including fixation, dehydration, critical point drying, embedding, staining, and sputter coating), and ultramicrotomy (ultra­thin sectioning at 60-80 nm) for transmission electron microscopy, as well as office management, scheduling, and billing.

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