Experience a real ad campaign


You have a $20 million budget and 20 minutes to sell your marketing strategy to a representative from a real, national brand. What will you include in your campaign? How will you spend the money to ensure a boost in brand perception and sales? Will you land the account?

This scenario is exactly what communication students do each year for the National Student Advertising Competition, which is sponsored by the American Advertising Federation. A team from NDSU competes against other universities from around the country in a contest that’s about as close to a real-world pitch meeting as it gets. The teams field questions about demographics and research strategies and receive constructive feedback from the judging panel of industry professionals.

Students in the AdClub also get plenty of opportunities to see their work making a difference on campus and in the Fargo-Moorhead community. Campaigns have been produced for the pharmacy department, Student Health Services, the alumni association and Cass County Weed Control. Another recent highlight is the student-created campaign for “Snap The Stigma,” which aims to decrease the stigma associated with mental health issues.

These hands-on experiences prepare students for the job market after graduation and provide work samples that build strong portfolios for job interviews.

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