Minnesota students: NDSU is an affordable investment


North Dakota State University offers a reduced tuition rate for Minnesota students, making it a smart, affordable investment. 

Minnesota resident tuition for 2019-2020 is $9,268. 

The reduced tuition rate is due to an agreement between North Dakota and Minnesota. Students who graduate from a Minnesota high school and enroll at NDSU within 12 months automatically qualify for reciprocity. NDSU also will waive the $35 application fee this year for all applicants.

Here’s what some of our current Minnesota students are saying about NDSU’s affordability and return on investment:




Alexandra Hines
Hometown: Centerville, Minnesota

“Getting an education from a college that is accredited is so important when it comes to looking for full time employment,” Hines said. “NDSU provides a great education, but at a lower cost than a lot of other schools. This will allow me to pay off my student loans quickly once I’m a full-time engineer.”




Carter Peterson
Hometown: Underwood, Minnesota

“When deciding where to attend college, return on investment was very important to me,” Peterson said. “With great academic scholarships, excellent access to well-paid internships and low overall cost to attend, I’ll be able to graduate from NDSU’s world-class engineering program with less than $4,000 of student debt. Not having to worry about a mountain of loans will allow me to hit the ground running as I start my career.”




Gina Blazanin
Hometown: Bloomington, Minnesota 

“I have been able to grow as a student at NDSU, and the professors have really nurtured my curiosity for solving problems,” Blazanin said. “The people at NDSU truly care and want to help you succeed. Another reason NDSU was the right choice for me is I will be graduating with very little debt to repay. I can start fresh with whatever comes my way after graduation and that is a very peaceful feeling.”


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