‘A rich reputation and student resources’

There are many reasons to choose NDSU. Our students are at the center of hands-on learning experiences, working side-by-side with professors who focus on preparing them for a successful future. 

Students work in labs and real-world settings, apply classroom knowledge and develop skills that help them become leaders in their field.

Read below about what some of our students had to say about NDSU.


Tina Swartwood
Major: Industrial engineering and management
Year: Junior
Hometown: Two Harbors, Minnesota

“Of all the campus tours I went on, NDSU was the school I got the ‘this is the one’ feeling with. The size of campus is ideal for me. It's big enough to remain somewhat anonymous but small enough to be really involved if you want.” 

Francis Martinson
Major: Computer science 
Year: Graduate student
Hometown:  Fargo, North Dakota

“I chose NDSU because of our rich reputation and resources available to students. Working and studying at the same time, these teaching modules make it possible to multi-task where necessary. As a doctoral student, I always look for opportunities to grow. This will mean looking up to others as mentors. The NDSU faculty has qualified people who can serve as direct or indirect mentors. I am excited to see how my years unfold here.”

Morgan Steffins
Major: Social science education
Year: Senior
Hometown: Grenora, North Dakota

“I chose NDSU as an affordable place to continue my education. The process was seamless and I found a great community. I felt so welcomed, even before officially becoming a Bison.”


Sophie Semanko 
Major: Interior design
Year: Junior
Hometown: Fargo, North Dakota

“I realized that NDSU was where I belonged, so I decided to transfer to NDSU to become an interior design major. I have loved every minute of it. I also have loved getting involved on campus. I think it’s true that eventually you find your way back home.”1


Abigail Henderson
Major: Mechanical engineering
Year: Junior
Hometown: Hudson, Iowa

“I chose NDSU because of the small-town community feel of campus and great opportunities for hands-on learning in engineering.”


Aaron Hardel
Major: Mechanical engineering
Year: Senior
Hometown: Lakeville, Minnesota

“I chose NDSU because it was a beautiful campus. It was a large university in a compact area, where nothing seemed too far away. NDSU also has a great mechanical engineering program which produces highly credited research.”