Engage in learning at NDSU

NDSU students have a variety of classroom experiences that give them the tools they need to succeed in their career. Hands-on, active learning, classroom discussions, passionate faculty and engaged classmates are all elements that make an NDSU education impactful.

Read below to find out what some of our current students enjoy most about their NDSU classroom experience.


“I truly feel the professors want, with their whole hearts, for me to succeed and to learn the skills they’re trying to teach.”

Name: Christian Doe
Year: Junior
Major: Architecture
Hometown: Brooklyn Center, Minnesota


“I enjoy the NDSU classroom because of the content that has been provided to me. The different learning moments and stories I’ve heard from the real business world have added a perspective I never knew before.”

Name: Kacy Schumann
Year: Junior
Major: Finance
Hometown: Apple Valley, Minnesota


“Especially with the size of NDSU being a lot bigger than my high school, I was expecting it to be harder to find people to work with on class assignments and get help with homework. But, my freshman year, it was really easy to find study buddies.”

Name: Korina Holte
Year: Sophomore
Major: Finance
Hometown: Hillsboro, North Dakota


“Definitely how collaborative it is. A lot of the classrooms I have experienced, it’s set up so you can do group work as well as project different things on screens so then you can see what everyone is working on.”

Name: Aydreyel Schuh
Year: Junior
Major: Biological sciences
Hometown: Bismarck


“The facilities and amenities are my favorite thing about the classroom. All the things that are included in the classroom like easy access to plug-ins, whiteboards and computers. You have it all in front of you and it’s super easy to function and use it.”

Name: Shan Donovan
Year: Senior
Major: Biological sciences
Hometown: Onamia, Minnesota

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