NDSU has ‘an incredible amount of resources for entrepreneurship’


You’ve got a great idea for a product, and you want to get it into the marketplace. NDSU is the perfect place for you to get started.

NDSU junior Laura Friedmann, a mechanical engineering major from Mendota Heights, Minnesota, is a shining example.

She leads a team of students that have created the BioShield Roofing System, a bio-based flax roofing shingle that can compete in asphalt’s market. The idea, based on the research of NDSU professor Chad Ulven, was a recent winner in the Disruptive Innovation Challenge sponsored by DisruptWell.

“At NDSU, there are is an incredible amount of resources for entrepreneurship,” Friedmann said, noting her team was introduced to the competition by Scott Meyer, Ozbun Executive Director of Entrepreneurship and leader of NDSU’s Nice Center. “Scott has been able to connect us with students and faculty on campus, and locations and special rooms to film videos to help further along our project. There also is the Innovation Challenge at NDSU that allows students to present their ideas or projects, get feedback and win prizes to help further progress.”

According to Friedmann, BioShield meets an important need.

“Every year 11 million tons of asphalt shingles end up in landfills. This was a problem that our team identified and wanted to solve. Our idea is to replace asphalt with an eco-friendly option that does not sacrifice any performance characteristics,” she said, noting the other members of her team include architecture majors Andrew Wangler and Katie Kent. 

“Entrepreneurship truly gives the individual the power to make an impact on society,” said Friedmann, who wants a career in materials science. Her goal is to create products that make a difference in the world. 

“If you need help making your idea a reality, at NDSU, you can simply ask for help. There will be countless people and resources to assist you,” she said. “NDSU wants you to succeed, and will do what it takes to make it happen.”

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