‘Intramurals are a lot of fun’

Intramural sports at NDSU offer year-round fun and connection opportunities while keeping students physically active. 
This winter, seven students battled it out to be named the first ever champion of the NDSU intramural log rolling competition in the NDSU Aquatic Center. 
Log rolling is new to NDSU’s roster of intramural sports. A synthetic log is placed in the Wellness Center’s lap pool. Two students balance on the log and roll it to try and knock their opponent into the water. Ultimately, sophomore Gabriel Pfliger was named the winner
“Intramurals are a lot of fun,” said Pfiger, a mechanical engineering student from Hazen, North Dakota. “It’s a good time to get together with your friends and do odd sports you would never, ever do in a different circumstance.”
Pfliger and his friends get an intramural pass for the year and sign up for everything. This year, he has participated in canoe battleship, badminton, ultimate frisbee and now, log rolling. 
“I didn’t know log rolling it was a thing until today,” said Pfliger. “But it was really fun.”
Marin Ehrmantraut, graduate assistant for campus rec and intramurals, said log rolling will definitely be back next year. Until then, there are plenty of intramural sports students can participate in throughout the year. 
“Intramurals are super important just to offer recreational experiences on campus,” said Ehrmantraut. “School is intense, and students need a break. Physical activity is super important and it’s a great social opportunity, too.”
Learn more about all the intramural sports NDSU has to offer on the Wellness Center website.