‘My NDSU professors have gone above and beyond’


At NDSU, dedicated faculty will guide you every step of the way. 

Senior journalism major Rosario Perez-Guerra credits her instructors for an NDSU experience that will positively shape her future. She plans to pursue law school after she graduates, with a goal to become a prosecutor. 

“NDSU has taught me that anything is possible, which gave me the confidence to go for a challenging career and continue my education beyond the undergraduate level,” said Perez-Guerra of Onalaska, Wisconsin. “My professors cheer me on.” 

The caring people in the NDSU communication department have inspired Perez-Guerra. Faculty have supported her and have provided outside resources that will help during her career. “I have had nothing but wonderful experiences with everyone in the department,” she said. 

There have been challenges, but there are always instructors willing to help. “My professors have gone above and beyond to help me achieve,” Perez-Guerra said. “They have challenged me in a positive way, so I get the most out of my education.” 

Before starting college, Perez-Guerra instantly felt a connection with NDSU during a campus tour. “I knew I would get the best experience, and a great education here at NDSU,” she said. “Everyone in the communication department not only cares about your academics, but also you as a person.” 

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