Stay on track: ‘Summer classes are great’


NDSU offers classes during the summer in a variety of colleges. It’s a great way for students to stay on track to graduate or get ahead in earning their degree. 

“For me, it was also a low-stress way to get some classes done,” said Jacob Hutchins, a senior from Foley, Minnesota. “I didn’t feel as worried about getting assignments done or studying for multiple finals because I had fewer classes to worry about.”

Hutchins said taking a summer class also helped him remain connected to campus and stay sharp for the fall semester. 

Many students who have taken summer classes appreciate their flexibility. And with all NDSU courses being offered remotely this summer, it’s the perfect opportunity for students to lighten their credit load for the upcoming year. 

“Summer classes are great because they can be done more on your own time,” said Amanda Nelson, a senior from Big Falls, Minnesota. “I spent a lot of time sipping coffee on the dock at the lake while writing essays for my past summer classes.”

Enrollment for the summer session is currently open to all NDSU students. Contact your adviser if you have questions about what classes may be available depending on your major.

Learn more about available classes and how the NDSU summer session can help you reach your academic goals.