Experience teaching: NDSU students lead STEM camps for kids

STEM camp

By the time you get to college, you are an expert at sitting in the student seat of any classroom. What if you could cross over to the other side and see what it’s like to be the teacher? 

That’s an experience you can have a NDSU.

Our students lead weeklong kid camps that focus on science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The fun, hands-on learning camps are held twice each summer on the NDSU campus.

Madison Milbrath is one of the instructors this summer. She is working toward a master’s degree in biology education. Her sessions, Budding Biologist and Junior Biologist, focus on collaboration, communication and critical thinking.

“I hope to share lessons with the kids that spark curiosity and build confidence,” Milbrath said, noting she plans to hold many of her classes outside to show biology in action. “I am hopeful the kids will be as excited as I am over everything I want to share.”

Milbrath, who is from Minot, North Dakota, wants a career as an informal science coordinator or instructor.

“This opportunity is actually a perfect fit into my future,” she said of teaching at the STEM camps. “Maybe I will work at a museum or have an education partnership where I come to classrooms and give rich and exciting lessons while doing fun demonstrations.”

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