‘Everyone should see the beauty of this place’

A pair of students recently discussed their college experience and why they chose NDSU. Both said they love the open and inclusive campus environment and the feeling of family among students, faculty and staff.


Jenezio Lagobey
Hometown: Fargo
Year: Freshman
Major: biochemistry and molecular biology

“My favorite thing about NDSU is the independence and the environment of the school. At NDSU, we call ourselves a "herd" because we are one big family. But, within that family, everyone is different and unique with their own backgrounds and stories.

“One of the biggest benefits of staying close to home for college is you will always have that level of comfort. College can be terrifying, but staying close to home gives you that ease of mind that you are not alone and you don't have to figure things out all by yourself. It's something that keeps you grounded so as you go through your college years you get the best of both home and the college experience helping you become a well-rounded person.”


Hailey Wahl
Hometown: Dilworth, Minnesota
Year: Freshman
Major: marketing

“I chose NDSU because I love the beautiful campus, it was close to home, it has an amazing college of business and I just love Fargo. I think everyone should at least visit the campus and see the beauty of this place. It feels so comfortable and it really is a great place to be.

“I am so grateful I stayed close to home because it made my moving process so easy, and I love being able to run home for an hour to see my family and my dogs.”