NDSU students succeed in virtual classroom

Casey Lint

The switch to remote course delivery has greatly impacted the way students learn. But NDSU students are known for their desire to succeed, which has shown in their determination and willingness to adapt to the change. 

Like many students, Casey Lint knew switching to remote learning may be a challenge. Prioritizing, goal setting and making time for her mental health are some of the ways she has maintained focus and motivation. 

“I have also depended on copious amounts of communication with professors and other students in my classes. I have been sure to be clear of expectations, make to-do lists and try as hard as possible to stick to my normal class schedule/routine,” said Lint, a senior majoring in criminal justice.  

Her ability to succeed has been aided by professors who have continued teaching as planned and are quick to respond to their students.  

“Most importantly, though, professors have provided emotional support and stability. It’s almost like they treat us like their own children, giving us “non-professor” advice and comfort,” Lint said. “They constantly ground us on truth and facts about COVID-19 and chime in ideas to keep ourselves safe, physically and mentally. I truly believe they mean it when they say they hope everyone is doing well.”

NDSU’s resources are available virtually to assist students as well. For seniors like Lint, the Career and Advising Center’s virtual tools are particularly crucial. In addition, being part of the NDSU community provides a sense of comfort to students during this time. 

“NDSU is like a family, and it’s a good feeling, especially now,” Lint said. “And although this is a challenging time, it’s nice to see the unity of not only our city or state, but our country as a whole.”