Why we love NDSU

students on campus

NDSU students get a world-class education. Hands-on learning enhances the student experience and our student-focused faculty care about success in-and-out of the classroom. The Fargo-Moorhead community is welcoming and provides diverse opportunities for students to grow personally and academically.  

These are just some of the reasons people love NDSU. We asked some of our current students about what makes their NDSU experience great. Here’s what they said: 


"When I moved to Fargo, I had no idea that I would meet men and women from all around the world. NDSU is such a diverse campus and it has been remarkable to experience different cultures throughout my time here." 

–Cate Hatton, senior majoring in sport management


“My NDSU experience has been full of great opportunities, and my favorite part of the experience has been making many connections. One of the coolest things is that you can be anywhere across the globe sporting some Bison gear and you’re bound to have someone ask you about it. My first year I was wearing an NDSU sweatshirt in the Washington D.C. airport and a man came up to me to ask if I was a student here. He told me a bit about his years at NDSU, which was such a cool experience to me. Going to school at NDSU means you’re becoming a part of a legacy more than 100 years in the making.”

–Alex Meyer, senior majoring in apparel, retail merchandising and design


“Coming from the Midwest, NDSU was an obvious choice due to its affordability and its close proximity to home. The extremely reasonable cost for the high-end education was appealing when comparing colleges. NDSU's reciprocity with nearby states is also extremely beneficial for those nearby but not from North Dakota.”

–Taylor Schmidt, senior majoring in political science (pre-law)


“My favorite thing about NDSU is the number of student organizations to be involved in. With over 300 different choices, I truly believe there is an organization for every student to be involved with, in an area they are passionate about.”

–Mason Rademacher, senior majoring in management communication


“NDSU has one of the nicest wellness centers in this part of the country, and with a few minor exceptions it is completely free for the students to use. There is so much available for students. It’s great for students like me, who came in with no real idea what they are doing, because there are many different classes and group sessions available to guide you. Having all these chances to stay active right there on campus with no real cost to the students leaves no reason not to use them. I think it helped encourage a healthier lifestyle for me and many others.”

–Ryan Sprenger, senior majoring in chemistry