Central Stores Mission

Central Stores is responsible for providing materials for new construction and ongoing maintenance of the campus. We do this through management of a central supply area and purchases of non-carried materials. Our inventory consists of over 6,400 parts includes such items as; replacement lamps, tools, custodial supplies, electrical and plumbing parts, paints, belts and a very large inventory of hardware. We also manage a tool loaning center for the use of campus personnel. These tools can be checked out for no cost to campus personnel to aid in the mission of your department.

We provide this service right here, on campus. If you have larger volumes of products that you order and inventory or have a special order need, please contact us or call 701-231-7914 for product availability. Depending on the product, we can order it, receive it, invoice it and deliver it to you! We are interested in growing our customer base and expanding the service provided to our customers at NDSU, so please check with us first. Our goal is to provide great customer service and great prices to NDSU!

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