Can I paint my own office?

No, a Service Request must be submitted to Facilities Management to complete painting projects.  

Can I hang pictures on my wall?  

No, a Service Request must be submitted to Facilities Management to hang anything on a wall.  

Can I chalk on campus sidewalks?

The only times Facilities Management will allow chalking on Campus sidewalks is for Residence Hall move in and for Homecoming activities.

What type of signs (other than Facilities Management Rentals) can be temporarily placed on campus and what is the process for approval?

Complete a Facility / Grounds Use Agreement and submit it to Facilities Management.  Please include the type of sign, content of the advertising and we will let you know of appropriate locations and placement instructions.

Can I pound things into the ground on campus?

Due to the infrastructure of the older areas of campus, we generally do not allow anything to penetrate the ground.  In the event that we do approve poles, etc. to go into the ground for an event, you will need to call ND One Call for utility locates.

I am planning an event / function on Campus. What do I need to do?

You will need to fill out a Facility / Grounds Use Agreement.

If you require services or special event set-up, please complete the Special Event Set-Up Request and submit it to Facilities Management.

How do I rent portable / directional signs?

Facilities Management has 11 portable signs available for rent. Additional information: Directional Signage

Are there any special guidelines I need to follow for grilling food on campus?

Yes.  In addition to filling out the Facilities / Grounds Use Agreement you will also need to review the Outdoor Grilling Guidelines for NDSU.

How do I reserve space in a building?

This is accomplished by completing and submitting the Facility/Grounds Use Agreement.  If you have questions on specific building scheduling contacts, please contact our office at 231-7911.

How do I report a problem in my building that requires repair?

To request building maintenance or request for services complete, sign, and return the Service Request form to NDSU Facilities Management, Thorson Maintenance Center or Fax to (701) 231-8008.

How do I get key or card access to a building?
  • Key Access You will be notified when your keys are ready for pickup at Thorson Maintenance Center.
  • Card Access You will be notified when your access has been granted.
How do I schedule a campus move?

Please submit a Move Request form to Facilities Management. The move request form is intended for the moving of items from one location to another. Facilities Management Moving Procedure can be found here.  If space ownership is changing or the space is newly acquired please also be sure to complete the Space Move and Use Change form for new or existing spaces in the Facilities Management section of the NDSU Forms page to reflect this change. 

I need to have my items moved and stored for a period of time. What do I do?

Complete the Inventory Tracking Form.

I am moving or acquiring new space for myself or my department on campus. What is the procedure I need to follow?

Complete and submit the the new or existing deparmental space form found in the Facilities Management section of the NDSU forms page BEFORE any move is scheduled and takes place. If you need assistance in moving your items please also complete the Move Request form. Facilities Management Moving Procedure can be found here.

I need to reserve a car out of the Motor Pool. Where do I go?

The Motor Pool is located at Thorson Maintenance Center.  You can reserve a car by completing the Vehicle Reservation form.

How do I get Self Service access to FAMIS to submit Service Requests directly to Facilities Management?

Please complete and submit Self Service Request.

What steps should I take to install equipment in my area?

If you have a new piece of equipment you are thinking about buying please be sure to follow the Campus Equipment Verification process prior to your purchase.

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