Guidelines for NDSU Faculty Email List

An item submitted to an NDSU faculty email list will be posted only if:

  1. It is directly related to University concerns;
  2. It originates from a sender who has an obvious affiliation with NDSU;
  3. It does not include attachments;
  4. Any political or religious content is of general interest (such as announcing an on-campus event) and does not endorse a particular viewpoint or individual; and
  5. All content submitted to NDSU email lists must conform to Policy 158, Acceptable Use of Electronic Communications Devices.

There are two different Faculty Email Lists. Please route your email based upon each listserv’s distribution criteria.

A. Faculty Mandatory Listserv — (

B. Faculty Voluntary Listserv — (

The NDSU Faculty Email Lists are moderated by the Faculty Senate Presiding Officer and Presiding Officer Elect. Contact information may be found on the Executive Committee Membership page.

Approved by Faculty Senate, 12 October 2015.

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