Meagan Scott Hoffman

Meagan Scott Hoffman, (Ph.D., Oklahoma State University)
4-H Youth Development Specialist/Associate Professor

Office Phone: 701-231-7964

Core Area: 4-H Youth Development
Area of Responsibility: Family and Consumer Science, Communication Arts, Afterschool Training, Adolescent Development, Children, Youth, and Families at Risk

Download: Vita

Dr. Meagan Scott Hoffman is an Associate Professor/4-H Youth Development Specialist in the Center for 4-H Youth Development. She is the lead specialist for the center’s 4-H educational programming efforts, conducting and reporting on applied research in the field of youth development to create environments that help youth reach their full potential. Dr. Hoffman also leads professional development opportunities for 4-H staff across the state.

As associate professor, Dr. Hoffman serves as the link between the Center for 4-H Youth Development and colleagues in the Human Development and Family Science Department. Her research interests include understanding how changing trends in our society influence youth and exploring different professional development methods to better meet the needs of the 4-H staff in North Dakota.

Dr. Hoffman holds a master’s degree in Agricultural and Extension Education and a bachelor of science degree in Human Development and Family Studies, both from Mississippi State University. She has a minor in Consumer Economics and a Gerontology certificate. Dr. Hoffman completed a summer study abroad program at the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague, Czech Republic, where she explored Czech agriculture. 

Dr. Hoffman has more than eight years of experience as an Extension 4-H youth agent in Pearl River County, Miss. While there, she developed and led a comprehensive 4-H youth development program with a priority on youth leadership development. The program provided opportunities in areas including expressive arts, livestock, shooting sports, judging activities, science, engineering, and technology.

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