Anna-Maria Visilia

Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture

Phone: 701-231-8121


Ph.D., History and Theory of Landscape Architecture, University of Pennsylvania, 1996

M.S., Architecture, University of Pennsylvania, 1993

M.L.A., Landscape Architecture, University of Pennsylvania, 1989

Diploma of Architectural Engineering, National Technical University of Athens, 1986 

Research and Interest:

I have a significant body of publications and research projects. My research focus is in the areas of history and theory of 20th century architecture and landscapes, contemporary landscape design approaches, and cultural historic landscapes. I pursue a design based body of research that addresses contemporary and future challenges in landscape architecture through the following two principal themes: documentation and evaluation of the work of 20th century landscape architects who advocated for innovation and developed strong theoretical framework in their work based on design concepts, materiality, sustainability  and poetic constructability, thus bridging the gap between landscape history and contemporary practice and bringing new impulses to the profession; and ongoing exploration of cultural concepts of environmental complexity, processes, and perceptions that are embedded in vernacular environments.

Selected Publications and Recent Research:


Sculpting in Space and Time: Gardens by James C. Rose, Ph.D. Thesis, University of Pennsylvania, 1996. Supervisor:  David Leatherbarrow; Committee Members: Dean Cardasis, Kathryn Gleason.      

Journal Papers:

Visilia, A.M., Porfyraki, Th., Papadopoulos, G. (2019).  “Assessing the Value of Outdoor Space in Nursing Homes: A Case Study for Athens Geriatric Home (Greece),” Landscape Research Record, No 8, March 6-9, 2019, editor-in-chief Galen Newman, pp. 249-260 (ISSN 2471-8335).

Apostolidis, E., Papafotiou M., Visilia, A.M., Paraskevopoulou, A. (2015). “Gardens and orchards of Kampos’ historical country mansions in Chios: An early trace of landscape architecture in Greece,” Studies in the History of Gardens and Designed Landscapes, April 2015, 35:4, pp. 290-311.

Visilia, A.M. Villi, M. (2010). “Adobe and timber ties as the main construction materials of a historic Greek dwelling,” International Journal of Architectural Heritage, vol.4, issue 4, October – December 2010, pp. 295-319.Bioclimatic lessons from James C. Roses architecture, Building and Environment, vol. 44, issue 8, August 2009, pp. 1758-1768.

Visilia, A.M. (2009). “Evaluation of a sustainable Greek vernacular settlement and its landscape: architectural typology and building physics,” Building and Environment, volume 44, issue 6, June 2009, pp. 1095-1106.

Visilia, A.M. (2009). “Bioclimatic lessons from James C. Rose’s architecture,” Building and Environment, vol. 44, issue 8, August 2009, pp. 1758-1768.

Peer-Reviewed Conference Proceedings and Presentations:

Visilia, A.M, Fisher, D. (2022). “A Historic American Landscape Survey for the NDSU Campus Tracing the Early Planning Ideas of Morell & Nichols,” Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture (CELA): Evolving Norms: Adapting Scholarship to Disruptive Phenomena, March 16-19, 2022.

Visilia, A.M, Long, M. (2020). “Sustainable Interfacing of Landscape and Architecture: Form and aesthetics in the Landscapes of Diana Balmori,” EDRA52Detroit (EDRA): Just Environments: Transdisciplinary Border Crossing, March 17-20, 2021.

Visilia, A.M, Palili, S. (2020). “‘Therapeutic landscapes’ in psychiatric hospital design: The landscape design of Dromokaitio Mental Institution in Athens, Greece, based on pre- and post-occupancy research findings,” Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture (CELA): Deep Time: 100 Years of CELA, March 18-21, 2020, University of Kentucky, Louisville, Kentucky, 2020 Conference Proceedings, p. 57.

Visilia, A.M, Andreopoulou, Ch. (2019). “Trails in Greek Landscapes as Ancient Modes of Green Mobility,” IFLA World Congress 2019 (IFLA): Common Ground, September 18-20, 2019, Oslo, Norway, IFLA World Congress 2019 Book of Abstracts, edited by Christiane Wolfbauer, p. 172.

Visilia, A.M, Andreopoulou, Ch. (2019).  “Redefining an Ancient Trail in Delphi: A Contemporary Design Narrative,” EDRA50Brooklyn (EDRA): Sustainable Urban Environments, May 22-26, 2019, New York University, Tandon School of Engineering, Brooklyn, New York, Beth, A., Wener, R., Yoon, B., Rae, R. A., & Morris, J. (Eds.). (2019). Proceedings from EDRA 50: Sustainable urban environments. Brooklyn, NY: Environmental Design Research Association.

Visilia, A.M. (2018). “The Role of Plants in James C. Rose’s Gardens,” Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture (CELA): Transforming the Discussion, March 21-24, 2018, Blacksburg, Virginia, Virginia Tech University, pp. 151-160.

Visilia, A.M., Anagnostopoulou P-M. (2016). “Agrarian landscape along Pamisos River: Beyond an ordinary narrative,” 6th International Conference on Landscape and Urban Horticulture, Agricultural University of Athens, Athens, Greece, 20-25 June 2016, Greece, 20-25 June 2016, pp. 151-154.

Visilia, Α.Μ. (2006). “Architecture and Landscape: A dialogue between ΄inside΄ and ΄outside’,” Greek Conference of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki «Landscape Architecture: Education, Research and Built Works», Thessaloniki, 11-14 May 2005, editor: M. Ananiadou-Tzimopoulou, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Ziti Publications, pp. 243-247. (ISBN 960-431-986-8)

Visilia, A.M. (2001). “The Annisfield environment: A successful fusion of Architecture, Landscape and Culture   designed   by   James C.  Rose and   Eleanore Pettersen,” World Conference of Landscape Architecture: «Art and Landscape», Athens, Greece 1998, edited by George Anagnostopoulos, Panayioyis and Effie Michelis Foundation, Volume II, pp. 484 – 489. (ISBN 960-7588-15-0)

Visilia, Α.Μ. (2000). “Art and Urban Landscape Architecture,” 1st Symposium: «Landscape Architecture and Urban Design», Thessaloniki, 11-14 May 1998, Proceedings of Greek Horticultural Society, Vol. 8, Issue Α, pp. 87-90.

Visilia, A.Μ. (1996). “Tomorrow’s modern garden: Exploring issues of contemporary landscape design in James C. Rose’s philosophy,” World Conference of Landscape Architecture «Paradise on Earth. The Gardens of the XXI Century», Florence, 12-15 October 1996, IFLA 33rd World Congress Proceedings, Nο 1, pp.323 – 330.


Contributions in News Papers and Periodicals:

Visilia, Α.Μ. (2010). “House and Garden in Saronida,” Guide to Gardens, January 2010, issue 11, pp. 118-124.

Visilia, Α.Μ. (2010). “House and Garden by the Sea,” En Oiko, September 2004, issue 9, pp. 120-125.


Funded Research

Visilia, A-M. (Principal 50%), and Fischer, D. (Co-Principal 50%), “The Landscape Architecture of the 1921 Morrel & Nichols Plan for Future Development of Buildings and Grounds: A Historic American Landscape Survey for the North Dakota State University Campus,” Sponsored by Gunlogson fund, $4,540 (January 2021-September 2020)

Fischer, D. (Principal 55%), and Visilia, A-M. (Co-Principal 45%), “Fort Mandan Asset Condition Assessment,” Funded by Northern Plains National Heritage, National Park Service, $10,000 (May 2021-September 2021)

 Fischer, D. (Principal 55%), and Visilia, A-M. (Co-Principal 45%), “A start initiative at Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park Asset Condition Assessment,” Funded by Northern Plains National Heritage, National Park Service, $10,000 (May 2021-September 2021).


Professional Credits and Activities
  • Mention Award, UIA Durban, International Union of Architects World, 2014
  • Alexander S. Onassis Public Benefit Foundation Scholarship, 1987-1993
  • 2nd Honor Award for Pausilippos Park in Karditsa, Greece, 1987


  • Registered Architect, Technical Chamber of Greece, 1986-present


Professional Memberships
  • International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA), 1989-present
  • Technical Chamber of Greece, 1986-present
Teaching Experience:

North Dakota State University, 2018-present

Agricultural University of Athens, 2012-2018

National Technical University of Athens, 2005-2008

Democritus University of Thrace, 2000-2002

LA 271 Landform + Spacemaking Design Studio

LA 372 Community Planning and Design

LA 422 | LA 622 Planting Design: Theory + Research

LA 722 Landscape Theory, Research + Scholarly Methods

ARCH 789 | LA 789 Common Ground: Architecture + Landscape Architecture

LA 789 Cultural Landscapes


4th Winning Award, International Architectural Competition “Unification of points of interest and redevelopment of the area around the Archaeological Museum of Patras,” 2019

Mention Award, UIA Durban, International Union of Architects World, 2014

Alexander S. Onassis Public Benefit Foundation Scholarship, 1987-1993

2nd Honor Award for Pausilippos Park in Karditsa, Greece, 1987




Ask Me

Who are your role models or inspiring folks?

 My inspiring folk in the Landscape Architecture field is James Rose and, in the Architecture, is Aris Konstantinidis


Outside of art and design fields, what inspires you?

Traveling and photography are my constant source of inspiration


What do you wish you had known when you started out as a student/in this field?

The importance of public relations and management are equally important to design


What was your most memorable meal? 

Sunday's meals at my grandmother's home with all the family. Her specialty was dolmadakia, small bites of rice with meat wrapped in vine leaves


In your office, you can only have three things, one book, one tool, and one picture. What would they be and why?

Book: Modern American Gardens by James Rose. It is an inspirational, creative book that dates to 1967 with black and white photos of great American gardens that are surprisingly so contemporary

Tool: My camera. An important tool I carry with me in all my travels

Picture: An image from my favorite summer vacation place, the Island of Crete, Greece

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