What's Sacred? What's Routine? What's Grotesque? . .

November 26-December 11

Why are different artists compelled to create such different bodies of work? 

Opening Tuesday, November 26th, The MU Gallery has an exhibition by five visual arts seniors exploring such topics as nature, home, sickness, memory and safety. All those topics may sound vague- and approachable but they are actually very complicated. Emily Mulvaney, for example, is exploring the comfort we may take in nature although nature, like us, is fleeting. She makes plaster, ghostlike molds of benign objects and reintroduces them to viewers as precious reliquaries. This sort of complex interpretation makes the exploration of these topics interesting and compelling. 

The artists exhibiting and asking these complex questions are Jun Hyun In, Emily Mulvaney, Kendra Neu, Eric Wehrs and Vada Murphy. 

The Memorial Union Gallery & Store is located on the Upper Level of the Memorial Union, above the NDSU Bookstore. 

Visitor parking is available nearby in the South Union Parking Lot for $.50 per 15 minutes. Free parking is available after 4:30 p.m. weekdays, and parking is free all day during the weekends. Instructions for using the self-service paystations are located at each kiosk. 
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