Interface explores the relationship between Photography and Painting

December 19-January 23

“In every photographer there was a painter, a true artist, awaiting expression.” - Pablo Picasso

When Louis Daguerre first announced his invention of photography in 1839 the world of visual representation shifted slightly on its axis. Until this point it was the work of the painter to depict memories and visual impressions, to record likenesses and illustrate narratives. In 1839 light became the paintbrush, leaving its impression on a polished plate of silver.

Shortly after Daguerre’s announcement, French painter Gustave Courbet established the realist movement in painting, the main tenant of which was to paint only exactly what one could see. The zeitgeist in France was leaning toward exact representation and photography and painting began moving in lockstep, beginning a deep conversation that continues to evolve.

Interface honors this conversation with a collection of artworks that combine painting and photography. Visual artists enrolled in Experimental Photography and Mixed Media Painting worked collaboratively to conceive and create each piece, representing painting released from its bonds and photography born out of exploratory processes.

- Meghan Duda, Assistant Professor of Art

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