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About the Collections:

The Memorial Union Gallery Collection includes seven distinct collections: 1. The Student Art Collection includes works purchased through an annual purchase awards and acquisition through dealers/juried exhibitions. 2. The Printmaking Education and Research Studio (PEARS) Collection was developed as a partnership with the Visual Arts Department and PEARS and includes work by established visiting artists as well as current students. 3. The Ralph Engel Memorial Collection was donated to students as part of the Engel estate and includes art collected from local, regional and national artists that once filled the walls of his home. 4. The Lakeside Studio Collection was donated by the Lakeside Studio Gallery in 1977 and includes works by master printmakers 5. The Jim Falck Collection was donated as part of an endowment in 2015 and includes paintings and drawings from the artists. 6. The Memorial Union Collection consists primarily of student work and a sub-section of poster prints. and 7. The NDSU Collection is a smaller collection of works that have been donated to the University over the years.

 Some of the artists in the NDSU Collections are Andy Warhol, Judy Chicago, Oscar Howe, James Rosenquist, Jaune Quick-To-See Smith, Ben Shahn, Gustav Vigiland, Tracy Linder, Walter Piehl, Jr., Harvey Breverman, David Shapiro and Robert Weaver, Pablo Picasso, Utagawa Toyokuni III, Robert Nelson, Jasper Johns, Johnny Friedlander, Ben Shahn, Joan Miro and Frank Stella.


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