Advertising Options

There are many options to advertise your event or program in the MU. Design & Sign can handle the design, printing and production of most of your needs.
Call 231-7573 with any questions or for a quote.

Download our Advertising Options brochure

Here are some of the most common advertising options and their costs. Other options and custom printing available.

Poster Frame Advertisements
There are advertising frames to hold your event or program posters near One Stop, near the FLC ramp, and the A.G. Hill (STEM) Center
2' X 3', Matte or glossy = $18
Please request a reservation online here, and printing is available at Design & Sign.

Entrance Window Advertisements
Advertise on the entrance and exit doors in the MU. Choose either 44 locations, or 22 locations of the building. Reservations are for up to 2 weeks.
The clings are 19 inches wide and 6 inches tall.
Cost for 44 clings - $150
Cost for 22 clings - $75
Reserved through Design & Sign

Floor Graphic Advertisements
There are floor advertisement spots near some of the main entrances in the Memorial Union. We have a non-slip floor graphic material specifically made for carpet and tile. Sizes range from 2'x2', 2'x4', 4'x4'. Custom shapes are available.
2 - 2'x2' = $50
1 - 2'x4' = $50
1 - 4'x4' = $100
Reserved through Design & Sign

Outdoor Banners
Need your banner to hold up in the wind, rain, and sun? Our high-strength outdoor banners are the answer.
3’ X 6’ (most common) = $90

MU TV Advertisements (Digital Ads)
There are 7 advertising TV's in high traffic areas in the MU. Reservations last for 7 days. File dimensions need to be sized to a 1900x695 pixels, please send a .jpeg or .png file type.

$20 student groups
$40 departments
$195 off campus
Reservations are not necessary, but please allow 48 hours upload time. If you have questions, call Design & Sign at 231-7573.

Facilities Outdoor Wayfinding (A-Frame) Signs
The size of the signs is 31” X 41”
The cost $50.00 for each side
Reservations made through Facilities Management, 231-5862

Research Posters
Matte or Glossy 3’ X 4’ (most common size) = $36
Linen 3' X 4' (Linen is the best option for folding and traveling) = $60

100 3“ round or square including custom cuts = $75 (cost may vary slightly based on design)

Pull Up Banners (not including hardware)
80" tall = $80

Table top Displays
Variable cost, stop by Design & Sign for a quote

Vinyl Lettering
Variable cost, stop by Design & Sign for a quote

1" buttons $1.00
3" buttons $2.00

11 x 17 Flyers/Posters
Each color print is $0.75

Graphic Design
Let us bring your vision to life! Our highly skilled designers are here to help you!
$25/hour, minimum 1/2 hour

Other products we can produce:
Custom T-shirts
black and white/color copies
resume printing
window clings
business cards
folded flyers
floor graphics

Contact Design & Sign

Check out the web site
Call - 231-7573
Email -
Stop by - We are on the Main Level in the MU between the Bookstore and the Caribou Coffee Shop


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