May 30, 2024

NDSU welcomes 41 scholars back to North Dakota Governor’s School


NDSU is pleased to welcome 41 scholars to North Dakota Governor’s School class of 2024. Scholars represent 27 high schools, 21 school districts and 17 counties from across the state.

The four-week residential program, which is returning to campus after a four-year hiatus, will kick off with an opening ceremony on Sunday, June 2 from 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. at NDSU’s A. Glenn Hill Center, room 112. Sponsoring Senator Ron Sorvaag, R-Fargo, will provide remarks at the ceremony.

Scholars reside on NDSU’s campus during the month of June while they attend class, engage in immersive research, small-group instruction and hands-on experiences and participate in enriching extracurricular activities geared toward STEM.

“We’re excited to welcome students to NDSU to experience the uniqueness of our campus and educational offerings,” said NDSU President David Cook. “I look forward to getting to know each Governor’s School scholar. I know they will get a transformative experience during their summer here at NDSU.”

Scholars were selected through a competitive application process and were admitted based on their academic achievements, above average abilities in STEM disciplines and teacher/counselor recommendation. They also were required to submit a personal essay as part of their application. 

The following students have been admitted into the respective programs:

Laboratory science:

Addison Grayson, Dickinson High School

Alecia Jorud, Davies High School

Ashley Ellis, Stanley High School

Elizabeth Nelson, Stanley High School

Elizabeth Voss, Shanley High School

Gabriel Sagini, Red River High School

Hannah Hanson, Horace High School

Harleigh Higdem, Wahpeton High School

Justin Jiang, Davies High School

Lydia Hestdalen, Fargo South High School

McKayla Sagini, Red River High School

Informational technology: 

Aidan Zacher, Grant County High School

Alexia Schaible, Mott/Regent Public High School

Anna Armstrong, Bismarck High School

Annyka Anderson, Bishop Ryan High School

Briley Zhang, Red River High School

Cole Carpenter, Northern Cass High School

Damien Haisley, Northern Cass High School

Jack Hoberg, Napoleon High School

Kartheek Chapera, Langdon High School

Pari Narkhede, Sheyenne High School

Pranav Bobby Shaik, Davies High School


Caiden Quinlivan, Center-Stanton High School

David Ha, Davies High School

Elizabeth Mahli, Fargo South High School

Keaton Savageau, Kindred High School

Keegan Nelson, Velva High School

Memphis Hanson, Davies High School

Michael Nwaigwe, Sheyenne High School

Savannah McKay, Devils Lake High School

Trapper Smith, Maple Valley Public School


Alessandra Simmons

Alisha Twogood, New England High School

Braden Li, Davies High School

Erube Asogwa, Red River High School

Emily Helsper, Beach High School

Jacob Logan, Legacy High School

Sam Simons, Carrington High School

Signe Nagle, Fargo North High School

Tambrey Brossart, Rugby High School

This year’s scholars will present their research while meeting other Governor School alumni on Thursday, June 27 with a closing ceremony scheduled for Friday, June 28 from 12:45 p.m. to 1:15 p.m. at NDSU’s A. Glenn Hill Center, room 112.

North Dakota Governor’s School, which began at NDSU in 1990, allows high-achieving, scholastically motivated North Dakota high school students who have completed their sophomore or junior year to experience what life is like on a college campus.

The North Dakota Legislature provides Governor’s School funding to help pay for student housing, dining, resident assistants, program directors, instructors and faculty research sponsors. The program is funded by Senate Bill 2200, which was sponsored by senators Ron Sorvaag, R-Fargo, and Larry Luick, R-Fairmount.

The North Dakota Governor’s School is affiliated with more than 55 other Governor’s School programs throughout 25 states in the National Conference of Governor’s Schools.

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