Graduation List Spring 2024

Congratulations to the 1,622 North Dakota State University students who earned places on the spring 2024 graduation list.

Use the links below to view the names of students who graduated. Students are listed by hometown, along with their major and degree received.

An asterisk indicates students who graduated with honors. A student must earn a 3.50 grade point average or higher to graduate with honors.

Degree abbreviations:
BA – Bachelor of Arts
BFA – Bachelor of Fine Arts
BMUS – Bachelor of Music
BS – Bachelor of Science
BSABENG – Bachelor of Science in Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
BSARCH – Bachelor of Science in Architecture
BSCE – Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering
BSCONENG – Bachelor of Science in Construction Engineering
BSCONSM – Bachelor of Science in Construction Management
BSCPRE – Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering
BSEE – Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering
BSIEMGT – Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering and Management
BSME – Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
BSMFE – Bachelor of Science in Manufacturing Engineering
BSN – Bachelor of Science in Nursing
BUS – Bachelor of University Studies
DNP1 – Doctor of Nursing Practice
EDD – Doctor of Education
MA – Master of Arts
MACC – Master of Accountancy
MARCH – Master of Architecture
MATRG – Master of Athletic Training
MBA – Master of Business Administration
MEDUCAT – Master of Education
MLA – Master of Landscape Architecture
MM – Master of Music
MNRM – Master of Natural Resources Management
MPH – Master of Public Health
MPHEPI – Master of Public Health in Epidemiology
MS – Master of Science
MSCM – Master of Supply Chain Management
MSE – Master of Software Engineering
PHARMD – Doctor of Pharmacy
PHD – Doctor of Philosophy

Honor codes:
* Cum Laude (3.50-3.69)
** Magna Cum Laude (3.70-3.89)
*** Summa Cum Laude (3.90-4.00)



North Dakota

Name Home City Degree Program
***Johnson, Faith  Alamo BS Psychology
**Jensen, Connor Stephen Argusville BS Social Science Education
*Osland, Hannah Marie Argusville BS Human Development and Family Science
*Richman, Brady Scott Argusville BS Business Administration
Dows, LesLee Jane Arthur BSN Nursing
Gebeke, Hannah Marvel Arthur BS General Agriculture
**Kempf, Tanner  Ashley BSEE Electrical Engineering
Hagen, Jack  Ayr BS Crop and Weed Sciences
Holkup, Avery  Beach BS Criminal Justice
Zimdars, Madison Jordan Beach BS Psychology
Decoteau, Teagan  Belcourt BUS University Studies
Parisien, Tahni Rae Belcourt MPH Public Health
**Askim, Devin  Beulah BS Physical Education
*Fiddler, Dayton P Beulah BS Psychology
***Mahin, Zachary Kai Beulah BS Finance
***Abel, Mariah E Bismarck BS Interior Design
Alabi, Ifeoluwagbemiduro  Bismarck BSN Nursing
Anklam, Samatha Rae Bismarck BS Radiologic Sciences
Bentz, Jordan  Bismarck MS Human Development and Family Science
***Black, Kennedy Jo Bismarck BS Exercise Science
Brekhus, Abigayle Caroline Bismarck BS Radiologic Sciences
Briscoe, Allison Kate Bismarck BSN Nursing
Byerly, Damianna  Bismarck BS Human Development and Family Science
**Campbell, Alexis  Bismarck BS Social Science Education
Charvat, Darian  Bismarck BSN Nursing
**Churchill, Eva Jacquelyn Bismarck BS Exercise Science
Churchill, Olivia  Bismarck BS Biological Sciences
Conlon, Braden  Bismarck BS Agricultural Economics
Dollinger, Jillian S Bismarck BS Human Development and Family Science
Dosch, Brianne Haley Bismarck BSN Nursing
*Dragseth, Emma  Bismarck BSN Nursing
Evanson, Caden  Bismarck BS Business Administration
Evanson, Makiah Rae Bismarck BSN Nursing
Fechtner, Amanda  Bismarck DNP1 Advanced Nursing Practice
Fischer, Andrew James Bismarck BS Finance
Flam, Alex Jarrell Bismarck BS Business Administration
***Frank, Andrea  Bismarck BSARCH Architecture
Freborg, Derek  Bismarck MARCH Architecture
**Fridgen, Logan  Bismarck BSCE Civil Engineering
***Fridley, Ella J Bismarck BSN Nursing
*Frohlich, Elizabeth Kate Bismarck BS Horticulture and Urban Agriculture
Gartner, Barak  Bismarck BSCONSM Construction Management
*Gerhardt, Emily Ann Bismarck BSN Nursing
Gietzen, Dylan  Bismarck BSCONSM Construction Management
**Glatt, Keegan Jacob Bismarck BS Physical Education
**Grossman, Brandon J Bismarck BS Computer Science
Gurholt, Brier  Bismarck BS Marketing
**Hall, Kristen Nicole Bismarck BSN Nursing
***Henriksen, Mallory  Bismarck BS Pharmaceutical Sciences
***Herbel, Cole  Bismarck BSME Mechanical Engineering
Jensen, Peyton Gracie Bismarck BS Criminal Justice
Jimenez, Jeromy  Bismarck BSN Nursing
Johnson, Taylor Nicole Bismarck BS Human Development and Family Science
Keller, Jayden Matthew Bismarck BUS University Studies
***Kindel, Mason  Bismarck BS History
*Kraft, Matthew Michael Bismarck BS Finance
Krueger, Macy A Bismarck BSEE Electrical Engineering
Kuhn, Hanna Eve Bismarck BS Apparel, Retail Merchandising and Design
Lang, Jake Melvin Bismarck BS Psychology
*Levy, Alexis  Bismarck BS Biological Sciences
**MacDonald, Jayden W Bismarck BS Agricultural Education
Massey, Hailey Marie Bismarck BSN Nursing
*Mayer, Benjamin Donald Bismarck BS Medical Laboratory Science
Meyer, Jacob  Bismarck BS Business Administration
Momerak, Madison  Bismarck BS Human Development and Family Science
***Neiss, Ryan H. Bismarck BS Mathematics
***Nelson, Morgan Rae Bismarck BSARCH Architecture
O'Keefe, Katie  Bismarck DNP1 Advanced Nursing Practice
*Omvig, Michael Thomas Bismarck BS Pharmaceutical Sciences
**Peterson, Torrance  Bismarck BS Psychology
*Pfeifer, Britta  Bismarck BSARCH Architecture
Prichard, Kathryn Grace Bismarck BSN Nursing
Purintun, Nicole  Bismarck MEDUCAT Educational Leadership
*Rath, John Edward Bismarck BS Precision Agriculture Technology & Management
**Reed, Joseph  Bismarck BS Social Science Education
Richter, Chrisann  Bismarck DNP1 Advanced Nursing Practice
Richter, Evan  Bismarck BS Finance
***Riedinger, Taylor  Bismarck BS Pharmaceutical Sciences
*Roth, Madison  Bismarck BSN Nursing
Rudnick, Cody  Bismarck BS Finance
Ryberg, Ben  Bismarck BSN Nursing
*Sagaser, Ashton  Bismarck BUS University Studies
**Salwei, Michael Joseph Bismarck BSCE Civil Engineering
Sanders, Alec James Bismarck PHARMD Pharmacy
Schall, Jack  Bismarck BS Biological Sciences
Schall, Rachel  Bismarck MARCH Architecture
Scheuer, Faith S. Bismarck MPP Public Policy
*Schmidt, Ermuun Bulgan Bismarck BSN Nursing
***Schoneberg, Carter  Bismarck BSCE Civil Engineering
Schuchard, Gabrielle K Bismarck BSN Nursing
*Schuh, Aydreyel Kiyenin Bismarck BS Biological Sciences
**Schuh, Natalie  Bismarck BS Pharmaceutical Sciences
**Schwarz, Jacob  Bismarck BSIEMGT Industrial Engineering and Management
Seamands, Sydney  Bismarck MARCH Architecture
Simenson, Sara Joy Bismarck MS Counseling
Smith, David  Bismarck MS Mechanical Engineering
Sonetti, Nina  Bismarck BSN Nursing
Steckler, McKenzie Claire Bismarck BSN Nursing
Steiner, Ryann Alexis Bismarck BSN Nursing
**Sullivan, Breann  Bismarck BSN Nursing
Tademy, Marcus  Bismarck PHARMD Pharmacy
Tarver, Danielle  Bismarck BS Microbiology
Thomas, Whitney Kay Bismarck PHARMD Pharmacy
**Treiber, Ashley  Bismarck BS Animal Science
Trottier, Kade  Bismarck BS Management
*Vasquez, Katie  Bismarck BS Pharmaceutical Sciences
***Vetter, Grace Joanne Bismarck BS Psychology
Welch, Noah Gregory Bismarck BS Finance
**Wetzel, Payton Marie Bismarck BSCE Civil Engineering
Wisnewski, Kane  Bismarck BSCE Civil Engineering
Wutzke, Madison Jean Bismarck BS Pharmaceutical Sciences
Zeien, Mariah  Bismarck MARCH Architecture
Schoenborn, Nikoli  Bottineau BSME Mechanical Engineering
Hovelson, Carson John Buffalo BS Agricultural Systems Management
***Olson, Koy  Buxton BSARCH Architecture
Limke, Jericho  Carpio BSCPRE Computer Engineering
Harrington, Megan  Carrington DNP1 Advanced Nursing Practice
***Smith, Payton Kyle Carrington BS Exercise Science
***Weninger, Winnie Marie Carrington BS Strategic Communication
Bartholomay, Peter Thomas Casselton BS Social Science Education
Benavides, Bryanna  Cavalier BS Psychology
Carrier, Andre  Cavalier BS Business Administration
**Aaland, Jonas  Christine BS History
Vandeberghe, Alexis A Cleveland BS Animal Science
Anderson, Carson  Colfax BS Accounting
Boehm, Kiersten  Colfax BS Horticulture and Urban Agriculture
Myers, Cole  Colfax BS Psychology
Vig, Jeremy Scott Colfax BS Business Administration
Bender, Rusty J. Cooperstown BUS University Studies
**Stokka, Ella Lue Cooperstown BS Radiologic Sciences
Nielsen, Sarah Ann Cummings DNP1 Advanced Nursing Practice
***Jacques, Kenzie Rae Devils Lake BS Human Development and Family Science
**Kremer, Kendra Lynn Devils Lake BS Human Development and Family Science
**Steffan, Darek  Devils Lake BSARCH Architecture
*Herner, Seth  Dickinson BSME Mechanical Engineering
**Jones, Carter Timothy Dickinson BSCE Civil Engineering
Kolling, Caitlyn  Dickinson MARCH Architecture
Kostelecky, Jasmine Marie Dickinson BS Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Rushton, Alyssa  Dickinson MEDUCAT Family and Consumer Sciences Education
**Schwindt, Erik  Dickinson BS Mathematics Education
Stradling, Dylan Thomas Dickinson BSCONSM Construction Management
Wandler, Abby Lynn Dickinson BS Human Development and Family Science
Korslien, Cade Randall Douglas BS Agricultural Economics
**Madcke, Jocelynn  Edgeley BS Radiologic Sciences
*Bentz, Alexis  Elgin BSN Nursing
**Finck, Christy  Elgin BS Animal Science
Diegel, Beau  Enderlin MEDUCAT Educational Leadership
*Hagen, Gunnar  Esmond BS Precision Agriculture Technology & Management
*Abrahamson, Angela  Fairmount BS Veterinary Technology
Abdi, Amin  Fargo MARCH Architecture
Adam, Ardelsham Abdelkarim Fargo BS Health Services
*Aden, Nuradin  Fargo BS Management Information Systems
Afifi, Habiba  Fargo PHARMD Pharmacy
Ahaneku, Favour Kosisochukwu Fargo BSN Nursing
Al Amin, Md  Fargo MS Computer Science
Alahmed, Abdulrahman Khalid Fargo PHD Cereal Science
Alomenu, Ebenezer Edinam Fargo BS Computer Science
Anderson, Austin  Fargo DNP1 Advanced Nursing Practice
Anderson, Steven Eric Fargo MS Animal Sciences
**Antonoplos, Nicholas Daniel Fargo BS Microbiology
*Ashbach, Madison  Fargo BS Computer Science
*Ashbach, Madison  Fargo BSCPRE Computer Engineering
Axness, Mitch  Fargo BS Public History
**Batesole, Joshua Robert Milton Fargo BS Exercise Science
*Belk, Zach  Fargo BS Radiologic Sciences
*Berg, Kara Marie Fargo BSN Nursing
***Bergantine, Jenna  Fargo BS Interior Design
Berger, Abigail Marianna Fargo BS Biological Sciences
***Beyer, Charlie  Fargo BS Finance
Biffert, Heather  Fargo BS Business Administration
Birkeland, Brita L Fargo BS Nutrition Science
Blaschke, Patrick  Fargo BS Finance
Borowicz, Jeffrey Daniel Fargo BUS University Studies
***Brandenburg, Taylar LeAnne Fargo BS Human Development and Family Science
***Brown, William  Fargo BS Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Brownotter, Carissa Marie Fargo MPH Public Health
**Bruns, Jamison Duane Fargo BS Criminal Justice
Brusseau, Zachary Reid Fargo BS Social Science Education
Bukhari, Ibrahim Feisal Fargo BS Physics
*Burns, Megan Danielle Fargo BS Natural Resources Management
Bushaw, Alli  Fargo PHARMD Pharmacy
Campbell, Marielle Cattia Charlotte A Fargo BS Human Development and Family Science
Carlisle, Caleb  Fargo BS Sport Management
Christianson, Hunter  Fargo MARCH Architecture
Copeland, Connor  Fargo MS Health, Nutrition And Exercise Science
Cornish, Christine Michelle Fargo PHD Environmental and Conservation Sciences
Crawford, Zachary  Fargo MARCH Architecture
**DeWitz, Megan Joyce Fargo BS Public History
Deebom, Koate  Fargo BSARCH Architecture
Delapointe, Nick  Fargo BS Microbiology
Deng, Crystal  Fargo PHARMD Pharmacy
Derks, Henry Leo Fargo BSMFE Manufacturing Engineering
Deutsch, Brandi Lynn Fargo BUS University Studies
Diers, Haley Lynn Fargo MACC Accountancy
Djabanor, Elliot Nomo Fargo MS Business Analytics
**Dodds, Gretchen Ann Fargo BSN Nursing
Dominick, Faith Marie Fargo BS Human Development and Family Science
**Dowdell, Philip  Fargo BS Political Science
*Dufault, Kate  Fargo BS Human Development and Family Science
*Erickson, Andrew Joseph Fargo BS Finance
Erickson, Angel R Fargo BS Marketing
*Erickson, Tyler  Fargo BS Geology
Evans, Dayne Marie Fargo BS Human Development and Family Science
**Everett, Hannah Joyce Fargo BSENVE Environmental Engineering
Falkner, William Edward Fargo PHD Discipline-Based Education Research
Faulkner, Abigail  Fargo BS Human Development and Family Science
*Fettig, Jon Lee Fargo BS Strategic Communication
**Fieldgrove, Faith  Fargo BS Emergency Management
Finneseth, Susan  Fargo MBA Business Administration
Fischer, Elizabeth MARIE Fargo BS Business Administration
Franklin, Keeona Marie Fargo BSN Nursing
*Galindo-Mata, Giuliana  Fargo BSARCH Architecture
Gaye, Fred  Fargo BFA Art
Geiselhart, Brandon  Fargo BFA Art
Giddens, Steven Ryan Fargo PHD Counselor Education and Supervision
Gieser, Anna  Fargo BSEE Electrical Engineering
***Gilbertson, Levi Harrison Fargo BS English
**Gillespie, Cheyenne  Fargo BS Pharmaceutical Sciences
Gilman, Spencer John Fargo PHD Chemistry
Gira, Riley  Fargo MEDUCAT Counseling
Godfrey, Mary  Fargo PHD Biomedical Engineering
*Goff, Rob  Fargo BS Natural Resources Management
Golijikaye, Worlikema Angel Fargo MARCH Architecture
**Gores, Grant  Fargo BS Management Information Systems
Goulet, Nicholas  Fargo MBA Business Administration
Gunderson, Robert  Fargo MLA Landscape Architecture
Halter, Courtney Taylor Fargo BSIEMGT Industrial Engineering and Management
Halverson, Madalyne Kaye Fargo BS Health Services
Hansen, Matthew Kent Fargo BS Physics
Hanson, Andrew Thomas Fargo BS Psychology
***Harrier, Tayler Marie Fargo BS Biological Sciences
Harris, Marion  Fargo MEDUCAT Counseling
Heggeness, Abigail  Fargo BS Human Development and Family Science
***Helseth, Isabelle  Fargo BSARCH Architecture
*Himmelspach, Thomas  Fargo BSARCH Architecture
Hochhalter, Zach  Fargo MEDUCAT Education
*Holder, Ethan  Fargo BSARCH Architecture
***Holmlund, Vincent  Fargo BS Mathematics
*Houle, Kaitlyn Judith Fargo BS Human Development and Family Science
*Huber, Greta  Fargo BS Animal Science
Ivanyshyn, Bohdan  Fargo BS Computer Science
Jabas, Parker  Fargo MBA Business Administration
**Jacobson, Laken  Fargo BS Exercise Science
Jahner, Emily A Fargo BSN Nursing
Johnson, Noah  Fargo MBA Business Administration
Johnson, Noah  Fargo PHARMD Pharmacy
Johnson, Patricia Joy Fargo BUS University Studies
Jones, Joel  Fargo MM Music
Joy, Benjamin James Fargo BSIEMGT Industrial Engineering and Management
Kaspari, Leah  Fargo BS Anthropology
Kath, Tyler Jay Fargo BS Marketing
Kimball, Taylor Jeffrey Fargo BS Biological Sciences
King, Layla Eve Fargo PHD Animal Sciences
**Kinzler, Jacob  Fargo BS Accounting
Klavon, Garett B Fargo BSME Mechanical Engineering
Klein, Aaron Joseph Fargo BS Finance
Klemm, Clayton  Fargo BS Computer Science
*Knight, Bronson  Fargo BSARCH Architecture
**Knoll, Lauren  Fargo BS Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Koch, Kenyon Brian Fargo BUS University Studies
Kopparapu, Bhavana  Fargo MS Computer Science
Kpor, Martha  Fargo BSN Nursing
Kramer, Trevor David Fargo BSME Mechanical Engineering
**Kramlich, Jackson  Fargo BS Biological Sciences
Kromah, Abubakar  Fargo MSCM Supply Chain Management
Kujanson, Noah John Fargo BS Psychology
LEE, Katilynn Laura Fargo BSN Nursing
***Laqua, Andrew  Fargo BS Biological Sciences
*Larsen, Alannah Marie Fargo BS Animal Science
Lawson, Elizabeth  Fargo BS Business Administration
*Lemier, Malls  Fargo BFA Art
***Link, Kyrie Ann Fargo BSN Nursing
Long, Audrey Elizabeth Fargo PHARMD Pharmacy
Lorenz, Isabelle  Fargo BS Medical Laboratory Science
Luepke, Sadie  Fargo BSN Nursing
Luthi, Allyson L Fargo BS Pharmaceutical Sciences
Lyons, Michael  Fargo MS Health, Nutrition And Exercise Science
Ma, Yongchao  Fargo MS Computer Science
***Madrigal, Adam  Fargo BMUS Music
Magelky, Aliceyn M Fargo BSN Nursing
Malecha, Brady Alan Fargo BSME Mechanical Engineering
Maples, Alexandria Elenin Fargo MS Health, Nutrition And Exercise Science
Matadi, Kpah Charles Fargo PHARMD Pharmacy
Maurice, Vanessa  Fargo BSN Nursing
McClary, Kaylee Ann Fargo BS Human Development and Family Science
McCormick, Zachary Thomas Fargo BSCONSM Construction Management
Mears, Owen  Fargo BSCONSM Construction Management
Meidinger, Jacob  Fargo MARCH Architecture
**Mensah, Ange  Fargo BS Pharmaceutical Sciences
Mettler, Nora  Fargo DNP1 Advanced Nursing Practice
Meyer, Brent Martin Fargo BS Horticulture and Urban Agriculture
***Middaugh, Megan  Fargo BS Political Science
Miner, Claire  Fargo MS Health, Nutrition and Exercise Science
Miska, Dylan  Fargo MS Computer Science
**Mitchell, Weston  Fargo BSCE Civil Engineering
**Mitzel, Zachary  Fargo BS Computer Science
**Mohror, Josephine  Fargo BS Psychology
Monokajo, Sokiri  Fargo BS Computer Science
Motschenbacher, Jared Kurtis Fargo BSME Mechanical Engineering
Mueller, Marlis C Fargo BS Human Development and Family Science
Mustafic, Adna  Fargo BS Finance
**Nelson, Lydia  Fargo BS Family and Consumer Sciences Education
***Niemiller, Morgan Lea Fargo BS Interior Design
*Nolasco, Stephanie  Fargo BS Criminal Justice
**Nordstrom, Paige  Fargo BS Strategic Communication
Nulph, Cody Duwayne Fargo BSME Mechanical Engineering
**Ockert, Benjamin  Fargo BS Physics
Odera, Doreen  Fargo MPH Public Health
Olien, Nicholas Reed Fargo BSCONENG Construction Engineering
*Olson, Maxwell  Fargo BSCE Civil Engineering
Omokhuale, Obehioye  Fargo MA Communication
Ortega, Jose  Fargo BS Management Information Systems
Pahl, Xavier  Fargo BS Pharmaceutical Sciences
Palmer, Jackson  Fargo BS Finance
Parisien, Gavin  Fargo BS Biological Sciences
Paul, Sarah  Fargo BS Human Development and Family Science
Pedersen, Megan Hay Fargo MS Human Development and Family Science
**Perdue, Elizabeth  Fargo BSN Nursing
Persons, Cameron B Fargo MARCH Architecture
Pfenning, Shae Renee Fargo BS Anthropology
Phan, Thinh Hoa Fargo MS Electrical and Computer Engineering
***Phelps, Gary L Fargo BSCONENG Construction Engineering
Pirillis, Allan  Fargo MSE Software Engineering
Poppen, Kaylee Marie Fargo BS Pharmaceutical Sciences
Porter, Calle JoLynn Fargo BS Human Development and Family Science
**Pratt, Kelly Ann Fargo BS Business Administration
**Quanbeck, Angelana Joy Fargo BS Music
Radunz, Nicholas  Fargo BS Psychology
*Rance, Colby Dayne Fargo BSCE Civil Engineering
**Rasmusson, Andrew  Fargo BS Business Administration
***Reed, Victoria A Fargo BS Pharmaceutical Sciences
Refling, William John Fargo PHD Mechanical Engineering
Reinholz, Jacob Aaron Fargo MS Mechanical Engineering
Ritterman, Emma  Fargo BS Business Administration
Rizo, Bob  Fargo BUS University Studies
Roehrich, Bailey Jo Fargo BS Criminal Justice
***Rose, Marisa A Fargo BA Computer Science
Ross, Jonathan  Fargo MPP Public Policy
**Saarela, Lilly  Fargo BSARCH Architecture
Sandell, Rebecca  Fargo MBA Business Administration
Sanders, Jonas  Fargo BS Physical Education
**Satrom, Clarissa Marie Fargo BS Horticulture and Urban Agriculture
***Satrom, Enoch David Fargo BSME Mechanical Engineering
Sauskojus, Whitney  Fargo MS Environmental and Conservation Sciences
Schmiesing, Kate  Fargo BS Health Services
Schneider, Morgan Faith Fargo DNP1 Advanced Nursing Practice
Schock, Cadyn Shaye Fargo PHARMD Pharmacy
Schweigert, Tyler  Fargo BS Exercise Science
**Seelig, Parker  Fargo BS Finance
Sieh, Dennise M Fargo BSN Nursing
Simmons, Austin  Fargo BS Business Administration
Sjursen, Erik Jeffrey Fargo PHARMD Pharmacy
**Skala, Jani Anni Fargo BS Psychology
*Skees, Skyler  Fargo BS Computer Science
Skiple, Isaiah  Fargo BS Biological Sciences
Smith, Darius  Fargo BS Computer Science
Sornsin, Maria  Fargo BSCONSM Construction Management
Sparrow, Austin  Fargo MBA Business Administration
Splitt, Daniel  Fargo BS Finance
Staples, Sophie Elizabeth Fargo BS Business Administration
Steffen, Maggie  Fargo MBA Business Administration
Steiner, Jennifer Renata Fargo BUS University Studies
*Stevens, Kaylee Annette Fargo BSN Nursing
Stibral, Anna Leigh Fargo DNP1 Advanced Nursing Practice
**Strand, Malcolm  Fargo BS Political Science
Strobel, JADEN MICHAEL Fargo BS Business Administration
Tallakson, Kayci Susan Fargo MEDUCAT Counseling
Taoh, Kpenabari  Fargo BA Computer Science
Teason, Tristan  Fargo BSME Mechanical Engineering
Terfehr, Sara Margaret Fargo MBA Business Administration
*Thiner, Nathan  Fargo BSCPRE Computer Engineering
Thorson, Ella Marie Fargo BS Art Education
Thrash, Julian Earl Fargo MS Electrical and Computer Engineering
Thurston, Griffin Dale Fargo BS Management
*Tinklenberg, Jt  Fargo BS Exercise Science
*Torgerson, Jaxin  Fargo BS Psychology
Tran, Myhien Thuy Fargo PHARMD Pharmacy
Tupa, William  Fargo BS Physics
Underdahl, Ellie Nicole Fargo BUS University Studies
***Van Dusseldorp, Jacob  Fargo BS Business Administration
*Vickerman, Brittney  Fargo BS Horticulture and Urban Agriculture
Vijayaraghavan, Ramanan  Fargo MBA Business Administration
Ward, Joshua  Fargo BS Business Administration
Watkins, Zebulon Oliver Fargo MEDUCAT Educational Leadership
Welter, Andrew Robert Fargo BS Finance
Whaley, Mekenzie  Fargo BS Animal Science
White, Kayla Megan Fargo PHARMD Pharmacy
Wical, Regan Ames Fargo BS Business Administration
Wiedeman, Tiffaney  Fargo MS Health, Nutrition And Exercise Science
Wielenberg, Jacob  Fargo MARCH Architecture
Williams, Cole  Fargo BS Crop and Weed Sciences
*Wilson, Josey  Fargo BSARCH Architecture
Winger, Kynzi  Fargo BUS University Studies
Wright, Rachana  Fargo MEDUCAT Counseling
Wyganowski, Philip  Fargo BSARCH Architecture
Ziebarth, Ian  Fargo BSCONSM Construction Management
Zou, Ting  Fargo MS Applied Statistics
Zurn, Austin  Fargo BSCONSM Construction Management
*Carlson, Jacey  Finley BS Crop and Weed Sciences
Hauck, Caleb Wayne Forbes MS Agribusiness and Applied Economics
**Jenkins, Maria Lee Forbes BS Veterinary Technology
***Olson, Breanna Marie Forbes BS Medical Laboratory Science
**Whaley, Karina Diane Fordville BSCPRE Computer Engineering
Eliason, Jadon Ann Forest River BS Biological Sciences
Osowski, Anton K Forest River BS Crop and Weed Sciences
*Bergh, Kiauna Lynn Forman BSN Nursing
Nelson, Faith Elizabeth Glen Ullin PHARMD Pharmacy
Schaaf, Kristin  Glen Ullin MACC Accountancy
**Topp, Brooke  Glenfield BS Business Administration
**Scharmer, Macy Elizabeth Grafton BS Comprehensive Science Education
Amble, Taylor  Grand Forks MARCH Architecture
**Antonenko, Nicholas Edward Grand Forks BS Business Administration
Applegren, Reagan Corinn Grand Forks BSN Nursing
Bernhardson, Tanner  Grand Forks BSME Mechanical Engineering
Bucklin, Nicholas  Grand Forks BS Marketing
Comeau, Ethan  Grand Forks BS Environmental Design
Dahlen, Joy  Grand Forks PHARMD Pharmacy
Danielson, Jordyn  Grand Forks BS Biological Sciences
Johnson, Madelyn  Grand Forks PHARMD Pharmacy
Johnson, Madelyn  Grand Forks MBA Business Administration
**Nilles, Johanna  Grand Forks BS Music
Ogren, Cole D Grand Forks BSME Mechanical Engineering
***Schirrick, Pete  Grand Forks BS Pharmaceutical Sciences
Slivnik, Stephanie  Grand Forks DNP1 Advanced Nursing Practice
Thoreson, Riley  Grand Forks BS Accounting
***Wehe, Matthew Charles Grand Forks BSCONSM Construction Management
**Halmrast, NaKayla Lee Gwinner BS Human Development and Family Science
Mauch, Jasmin  Hankinson BSN Nursing
Haugen, Jill Kathleen Hannaford BS Sociology
***Jans, Leah Rose Harvey BS Marketing
Schell, Dylan Ray Harvey BS Philosophy/Ethics
*Hilde, Allison Rose Harwood BS Human Development and Family Science
***Larson, Kyla Renee Harwood BS Anthropology
**Olson, Brandon Thomas Harwood BSCPRE Computer Engineering
**Westrick, Kelsey  Harwood BS Interior Design
**Zander, Jaden  Harwood BS Spanish Education
Vander Wal, Danlyn  Hazelton MEDUCAT Educational Leadership
Weiser, Cassie Rose Hazelton MEDUCAT Educational Leadership
**Biffert, Kora Marie Hazen BSN Nursing
Melland, Lisa Jean Hazen BUS University Studies
Obenauer, Kordon  Hazen BSN Nursing
Hosman, Breanna  Hebron BS Agricultural Education
***Schultz, Carolyn R Hettinger BS Strategic Communication
Tollefson, Holli Brianne Hettinger BSN Nursing
Witt, Michelle  Hettinger BS Crop and Weed Sciences
Gallagher, Micah Joseph Hillsboro BS Marketing
Paulsrud, Laura  Hillsboro BSN Nursing
Pastorek, Ellisha Ann Hoople PHARMD Pharmacy
Benth, Brandon  Hope MS Health, Nutrition And Exercise Science
*Bueling, Abigail  Horace BSARCH Architecture
*Burkhart, Jordan Ruth Horace BSN Nursing
Galde, Katelyn  Horace MBA Business Administration
Gilbert, Cassandra Jade Horace PHD Education
Shagena, Kooper Hahn Horace BS Journalism
**Shorma, Rebekah  Horace BS Human Development and Family Science
Skarphol, Anna  Horace PHARMD Pharmacy
***Stover, Emily Nell Horace BS Exercise Science
**Warkenthien, Wyatt  Horace BS Biotechnology
**Wendel, Allie  Horace BS Apparel, Retail Merchandising and Design
Albrecht, Megan Ann Jamestown BS Biological Sciences
Christ, Jaden  Jamestown BS Agribusiness
*Fremgen, Ava  Jamestown BS Biological Sciences
Gee, Erin  Jamestown BUS University Studies
Gerszewski, Kaitlin  Jamestown BSN Nursing
Hart, Braden  Jamestown BS Business Administration
Johnson, Adreann  Jamestown BS Health Services
Morin, Matthew  Jamestown BS Natural Resources Management
Roth, Katherine  Jamestown PHD Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
Skunberg, Boden  Jamestown BUS University Studies
**Willer, Zebedee  Jamestown BS Mathematics Education
**Williamson, Cody Dale Jamestown BSARCH Architecture
***Gehrig, Henry  Kindred BS Social Science Education
**Berntson, Maren  Kulm BS Exercise Science
Flath, Leah Anne Lamoure BS Management
Welsh, Allison  Langdon PHARMD Pharmacy
Bina, Lilly  Lankin BS Crop and Weed Sciences
**Sletten, Ryan Daniel Larimore BS Finance
**Iverson, Levi  Leeds BS Computer Science
Biewer, Alicia  Lidgerwood BSN Nursing
Harles, Kaylee Jo Lidgerwood BS Human Development and Family Science
Houle, Mady Jean Lincoln BSN Nursing
Kurtz, Jessica Lynn Lincoln DNP1 Advanced Nursing Practice
Bosch, Ashlee  Linton MEDUCAT Educational Leadership
Holzer, Jamie Lee Linton MEDUCAT Educational Leadership
***Bear, Jacob  Lisbon BSME Mechanical Engineering
Rice, William james Maddock BS Accounting
**Bauer, Karie A Mandan BS Equine Science
Boehm, ShiAnne Rose Mandan BS Animal Science
**Duttenhefer, Jaxon  Mandan BS Accounting
Entzi, Courtney Jaye Mandan BS Political Science
Erhardt, Anna Jane Mandan MEDUCAT Educational Leadership
Felch, Kaden  Mandan MPP Public Policy
Fitterer, Jared  Mandan BSCE Civil Engineering
Fried, Hannah  Mandan BS Human Development and Family Science
Heidt, Mckenna  Mandan BSN Nursing
Hewitt, Hayden Nykole Mandan BSN Nursing
Himmelspach, Faune  Mandan DNP1 Advanced Nursing Practice
Huft, Jennifer  Mandan BSN Nursing
***Johnson, Samantha  Mandan BS Biological Sciences
Kautzmann, Morgan Leigh Mandan DNP1 Advanced Nursing Practice
Knoll, Kelly Raye Mandan MS Health, Nutrition and Exercise Science
**Larson, James  Mandan BS Business Administration
Meissner, Brian Randy Mandan PHARMD Pharmacy
Moch, Madison Anne Mandan MEDUCAT Counseling
*Newgard, Shayla  Mandan BS Political Science
Nuelle, Nicholas Jeffrey Mandan BS Management Information Systems
**Peterson, Samuel  Mandan BS Finance
**Rall, Taiyler A Mandan BFA Art
Rinas, Kelby  Mandan BS Human Development and Family Science
Schindler, Mikaela Christine Mandan BS Natural Resources Management
Slavick, Kathryn  Mandan MS Animal Sciences
Voigt, Hannah  Mandan BSABENG Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
Wetzstein, Reese  Mandan BS Animal Science
*Wiseman, Jaxon  Mandan BS Psychology
*Yantzer, Landrey John Mandan BS Medical Laboratory Science
**Dietz, Katrina  Mapleton BSCE Civil Engineering
**Dietz, Katrina  Mapleton BA Spanish
*Ellison, Joseph DuWayne Mapleton BS Agricultural Systems Management
*Kraft, Lawson Arlyn Mapleton BSME Mechanical Engineering
Wood, Rebecca  Mapleton MBA Business Administration
Strange, Andrea Michaela Max BS Physics
*Garrett, Taylor Rae Mayville BS Pharmaceutical Sciences
*Gerber, Cole  Mayville BSCONSM Construction Management
*Williams, Jonah James Mchenry BS Business Education
Churchill, Hunter Lewis Mcleod BS Physical Education
*Goehring, Cody  Menoken BA Psychology
Martinson, Jeremy David Milnor BS Criminal Justice
**Bachman, Rivers Dawn Minot BS Agricultural Education
Bloms, Brian  Minot BSME Mechanical Engineering
Borseth, Anne  Minot MEDUCAT Family and Consumer Sciences Education
Duke, Christopher M Minot BSCE Civil Engineering
*Hoffarth, Abigail  Minot BS Microbiology
Holter, Alexius  Minot BS Crop and Weed Sciences
*Nathe, Luke  Minot BSIEMGT Industrial Engineering and Management
*Nels, William David Minot BS Business Administration
**Rodgers, Morgan  Minot BSARCH Architecture
Rosencrans, Paige Angeline Minot BSN Nursing
Sufka, Jenna  Minot BS Nutrition Science
**Wahlund, Abbie  Minot BS Business Administration
**Wahlund, Allie  Minot BSN Nursing
Kelly, Adrianna Nadezhda Minto BFA Theatre Arts
Zikmund, Annah Lorraine Minto BS Strategic Communication
Kloster, Taylar  Mooreton BSN Nursing
Messer, Amber  Mott BS Radiologic Sciences
Haider, Hunter  Munich MARCH Architecture
**Ehlis, Kayla M New England BS Crop and Weed Sciences
***Friesz, Evan E New Leipzig BS Agricultural Economics
Arroyo, Gaius  New Rockford MARCH Architecture
**Munson, Kenna  New Rockford BS Finance
Kunkel, Charys  New Salem PHD Education
***Kunkel, Travis  New Salem BS Management Information Systems
Sanders, Jake  New Salem BS Agricultural Economics
Stewart, Shooter Byron New Town BUS University Studies
*Claxton, Colin P Northwood BS Finance
**Lloyd, Derek  Northwood BS Crop and Weed Sciences
Nelson, Jayce Marvin Northwood BS Crop and Weed Sciences
**Uglem, Tristen Troy Northwood BS Precision Agriculture Technology & Management
Berg, Baylee Jo Nortonville PHARMD Pharmacy
**Lovro, jared  Norwich BS Agricultural Education
Quandt, Gabriel  Oakes BS Agricultural Economics
**Rodine, Megan Lea Oakes BS Agricultural Economics
Schmitz, Kylee Marie Oakes BSN Nursing
**Seyer, Jaida Page Oakes BS Human Development and Family Science
*Steiner, Aubrei Mae Oakes BS Exercise Science
**Powers, Cade  Oriska BS Social Science Education
***Richman, Sarah  Oriska BS Pharmaceutical Sciences
***Markusen, Elias T Park River BS Agricultural Economics
**Myers, Madison  Parshall BS Agricultural Economics
***Honeyman, Emma  Regent BS Agricultural Economics
**Volk, Janessa Madonna Reiles Acres BS Human Development and Family Science
Haynes, Abigail  Reynolds BS Animal Science
**Fischer, Elise Clara Rhame BS Radiologic Sciences
Steeke, Colbey  Rhame MEDUCAT Agricultural Education
Voigt, Owen  Richardton BS Agribusiness
Moore, Carie  Rocklake MEDUCAT Agricultural Education
**Anderson, Erika  Rogers BS Crop and Weed Sciences
Dunlop, Sabrina  Rolla BS Agricultural Education
**Johnson, Melody Cierra Rugby BS Chemistry
**Dilse, Connor Frank Scranton BSME Mechanical Engineering
***Dilse, Warrick Hollifield Scranton BS Agricultural Economics
Leingang, Joseph George Solen BS Agricultural Economics
***Ternes, Hope  Stanton BSN Nursing
Asche, Matthew J Stirum BSCONSM Construction Management
Schaefbauer, Thomas Francis Strasburg BSME Mechanical Engineering
Scherr, Samantha  Strasburg MEDUCAT Educational Leadership
Weippert, Austin  Tappen BS Crop and Weed Sciences
Berthold, Eric John Thompson BS Finance
Geinert, Amy Louise Martin Thompson PHD Counselor Education and Supervision
Schwabe, Cadyn  Thompson BS Business Administration
*Kennell, Casey  Tioga BS Finance
**Walburn, Breanna  Tower City BS English
Follman, Kaylee  Towner BS Agricultural Education
***Klain, Aaron Michael Turtle Lake BS General Agriculture
Heger, Reganne Mary Kae Underwood MEDUCAT Counseling
Snyder, Mackenzie LoriAnn Underwood PHARMD Pharmacy
Dietrich, London  Valley City BS Exercise Science
***Halgrimson, Cali  Valley City BSARCH Architecture
Johnson, Eliza  Valley City MS Health, Nutrition and Exercise Science
*Klein, Alexa Reid Valley City BS Social Science Education
Laughlin, Alexia  Valley City BS Psychology
Noeske, Lindsey Carly Valley City BS Human Development and Family Science
*Silva, Tamika Mercedes Valley City BS Pharmaceutical Sciences
***Undem, Jessica  Valley City BS Sport Management
Bourdeau, Chloe  Velva BSARCH Architecture
Thomas, Michael  Velva BS Biological Sciences
Cornelius, Gena Lynn Wahpeton PHARMD Pharmacy
**Devillers, Cassandra  Wahpeton BS Marketing
Leshovsky, Bradi  Wahpeton BS Marketing
*Matejcek, Blake  Wahpeton BS Biological Sciences
*Pearson-Bortle, Koby David-Allen Wahpeton BS Biological Sciences
Withuski, Thomas Jeffrey Wahpeton BSME Mechanical Engineering
Houle, Tristan Anthony Walcott PHARMD Pharmacy
***Sherven, Jack D Walcott BS Computer Science
Cavo, Michael Joseph Washburn BS Business Administration
Helmuth, Kell Christian Watford City BS Microbiology
**Homiston, Tayle  Watford City BUS University Studies
Maria Mendoza, Luis Orlando Watford City BSCPRE Computer Engineering
Olson, Lily Noelle Watford City BS Human Development and Family Science
Kalhagen, Leandre Rae Webster PHARMD Pharmacy
**Aamodt, Brock Ryan West Fargo BS Mathematics
**Aamodt, Ren Bryan West Fargo BS Computer Science
Advani, Rishab  West Fargo BSEE Electrical Engineering
**Asheim, Ben  West Fargo BSIEMGT Industrial Engineering and Management
Baesler, Reagan  West Fargo BS Management
*Bailly, Hannah Elizabeth West Fargo BS Human Development and Family Science
Bhattarai, Kanchan  West Fargo DNP1 Advanced Nursing Practice
**Bjugstad, Tim  West Fargo BSARCH Architecture
Bonn, Ashley  West Fargo MEDUCAT Counseling
Brown, Mercedes Marie West Fargo BS Human Development and Family Science
*Callaway, Greyson  West Fargo BS Biological Sciences
Campbell, Brooke Danielle West Fargo DNP1 Advanced Nursing Practice
Carrier, Sasha  West Fargo BSN Nursing
*Christianson, Kiley Loren West Fargo BS Biotechnology
Cogger, Isabel Tala West Fargo BS Finance
Crawford, A Lexis Dasani West Fargo BS Political Science
Davis, Heather  West Fargo MS Environmental and Conservation Sciences
***Delorme, Madison  West Fargo BS Political Science
Derrig, Ellyssa Katherine West Fargo MARCH Architecture
***Dragt, Korri  West Fargo BSARCH Architecture
Dufner, Adam James West Fargo PHARMD Pharmacy
***Dumas-Rector, Varissa Renae West Fargo BS Human Development and Family Science
Duursma, Kerstin Victoria West Fargo BS Agricultural Economics
Erickson, Kinsey  West Fargo MBA Business Administration
Erickson, Kinsey  West Fargo PHARMD Pharmacy
Eyimegwu, Onyekachukwu O West Fargo PHARMD Pharmacy
Flaa, Hannah Elizabeth West Fargo BS Human Development and Family Science
Gaal, Mohammad Farah West Fargo PHARMD Pharmacy
Gades, Heather  West Fargo MEDUCAT Educational Leadership
Gibson, Melanie Mae West Fargo BS Psychology
**Halvorson, Rylee Renae West Fargo BS Human Development and Family Science
***Hjelden, Madison  West Fargo BS Physical Education
Johnson, Allison N West Fargo BS Biological Sciences Education
Kath, Raegan  West Fargo BS Human Development and Family Science
Kjellerson, Michael Craig West Fargo PHD Exercise Science and Nutrition
***Klaman, Abigail M West Fargo BS Exercise Science
*Klemmer, Kayla Jo West Fargo BS Physical Education
***Klimek, Brock Esty West Fargo BS Pharmaceutical Sciences
Koffi, Melaine Affoue West Fargo BS Sociology
Krogen, Elizabeth  West Fargo BS Human Development and Family Science
**Lindgren, Lydia  West Fargo BS Finance
Lowenberg, Leah Jade West Fargo PHARMD Pharmacy
Macziewski, Olivia Jo West Fargo BSN Nursing
Manney, Skyler  West Fargo BS Human Development and Family Science
Massee, Logan Michael West Fargo BSEE Electrical Engineering
***Mastrud, Michaela  West Fargo BS Biological Sciences
***Mauricio, Sacred L West Fargo BS Art
**McDonald, Madison L West Fargo BS Management Communication
*Messmer, Tareyn Avery West Fargo BUS University Studies
**Miranda, Jordan Patrick West Fargo BSCE Civil Engineering
Morris, Devyn  West Fargo BS Management
Nelson, Joshua  West Fargo PHARMD Pharmacy
Nissen, Cole William George West Fargo BSABENG Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
Nygard, Dan  West Fargo MS Software and Security Engineering
Ova, Hayli Jean West Fargo DNP1 Advanced Nursing Practice
Piyal, Nafis Ajmain West Fargo BS Software Engineering
Rodriguez, Michael Henry West Fargo BSME Mechanical Engineering
*Rostberg, Brandon  West Fargo BSN Nursing
Satter, Ty  West Fargo BS Business Administration
***Shreffler, Madison  West Fargo BS Pharmaceutical Sciences
***Stueland, Emily  West Fargo BS Human Development and Family Science
Treib, Micheal  West Fargo BS Finance
*Wangler, Camee Jean West Fargo BS Radiologic Sciences
***Winje, Emma  West Fargo BMUS Music
Anfinson, Rachel B Williston BS Political Science
Bendixson, Kinsley  Williston BS Business Administration
Bradley, Lindsey  Williston BSN Nursing
*Bratcher, Bryn Lee Rita Williston BS Biological Sciences Education
Brown, Colton D. Williston MBA Business Administration
Geiss, Mark Alan Williston MARCH Architecture
***Hill, Garret David Williston BS Business Administration
Norby, Jadin  Williston MEDUCAT Counseling
Reinke, Eric  Williston BSME Mechanical Engineering
*Rude, Parker  Williston BS Physical Education
*Thompson, Halsten Daly Williston BS Accounting
Engeland, Shane W Willow City MA History
**Goehring, Lewis  Wishek BS Natural Resources Management
Blazek, Isaac  Wyndmere BSEE Electrical Engineering
Lothspeich, Thomas James Wyndmere BSCONSM Construction Management
Manstrom, Anne  Wyndmere MARCH Architecture
**Quam, Julia R Wyndmere BS Management
**Van Steenvoort, Emma Rae York BS Human Development and Family Science
Pfeifer, Denise  Zeeland MEDUCAT Educational Leadership

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Name Home City Degree Program
Miller, Mason  Ada BS General Agriculture
**Scherfenberg, Elle  Ada BS Pharmaceutical Sciences
*Fellerman, Lydia  Aitkin BS Finance
Pelarski, Kate  Aitkin BSCONSM Construction Management
*Beutz, Brian  Albany BS Computer Science
Deters, Evan  Albany BS Finance
**Kisner, Kendra  Albany BS Nutrition Science
***Gasser, Brandon  Albertville BS Computer Science
***Heil, Mary Frances Albertville BS Human Development and Family Science
Hirsch, Allyssa  Albertville BS Criminal Justice
*Dignan, Kathryn  Alexandria BS Psychology
**Drew, Sidney Theresa Alexandria BS Marketing
**Eddy, Madison May Alexandria BS Management Communication
Gesell, Lauren  Alexandria BS Biological Sciences
Johnston, Blake Thomas Alexandria BS Computer Science
**Johnston, Ella Caroline Alexandria BS Agricultural Economics
**Kluver, Wyatt  Alexandria BSMFE Manufacturing Engineering
Knight, Jeremy James Alexandria BSCONSM Construction Management
Larson, Brandon L Alexandria BSME Mechanical Engineering
Lebrasseur, Eric  Alexandria BS Business Administration
Navratil, Bruce  Alexandria BSN Nursing
Rachey, Logan  Alexandria BS Computer Science
Schlosser, Christian John Alexandria BSME Mechanical Engineering
Schmidt, Grace  Alexandria BUS University Studies
Skarpness, Brendan Orion Alexandria MACC Accountancy
Svee, Kaylee Grace Alexandria BS Management
Weigel, Kaylee  Alexandria MS Microbiology
Krenik, Piper  Altura MARCH Architecture
***Carson, Kaleb  Andover BSME Mechanical Engineering
**Dittberner, Beth  Andover BSEE Electrical Engineering
Peterson, Ally Ileen Andover BS Human Development and Family Science
***Sobtzak, Abbie L Andover BS Radiologic Sciences
Torgerson, Blake Thomas Andover BS Biological Sciences
Williams, Cade Jeffrey Andover BS Marketing
Greenlun, Garrett David Annandale BS Sociology
*Mehr, Mitchell  Annandale BSCONSM Construction Management
Rustom, Samantha Lynn Anoka BS Human Development and Family Science
Budka, Steven  Apple Valley MNRM Natural Resources Management
Dressler, Dominick  Apple Valley BS Environmental Design
*Gyolai, Ava Marie Apple Valley BS Chemistry
Herrera, Benjamin  Apple Valley BSME Mechanical Engineering
Katzenmeyer, Daniel  Apple Valley BSIEMGT Industrial Engineering and Management
***Barry, Amelia  Ashby BSN Nursing
*Buchta, Carter  Avon BS Computer Science
*Gerads, Isaiah  Avon BS Finance
**Scegura, Brandyn  Avon BSME Mechanical Engineering
***Bonik, Cori  Bagley BS Pharmaceutical Sciences
Halverson, Gavin Pearse Bagley BUS University Studies
Nelson, Aleah Debra Bagley BS Marketing
*Hinsz, Kellen Jacob Barnesville BS Exercise Science
Martinson, Brooks  Barnesville BSCONSM Construction Management
**Schaefer, Josie Lynn Barnesville BS Nutrition Science
Iversen, Madeline  Battle Lake DNP1 Advanced Nursing Practice
Pirkl, Amelia Ann Baudette BUS University Studies
Amundson, Bria Joy Becker BS Radiologic Sciences
Holm, Keeley  Becker BS Marketing
Miner, Abbigail  Becker MARCH Architecture
*Mittelstaedt, Jenna Lynn Becker BS Human Development and Family Science
**Verwey, Nicholas Lee Becker BSCE Civil Engineering
**Verwey, Nicholas Lee Becker BSENVE Environmental Engineering
Woolhouse, Kendra Rae Becker BS Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
***Kuechenmeister, Madeline  Bemidji BS Psychology
*Tolifson, Matthew Edward Benson BSCE Civil Engineering
Wrobleski, Madison  Benson BS Human Development and Family Science
**Casavant, Jocelyn  Big Lake BS Biological Sciences
Ginther, Danielle  Big Lake MPHEPI Public Health in Epidemiology
John, Braden  Big Lake MARCH Architecture
Forseen, Michael  Blackduck BSCONSM Construction Management
*Courtemanche, Trinity  Blaine BS Psychology
Dufault, Kianna Elena Madeline Blaine MPHEPI Public Health in Epidemiology
Goodmanson, Ryan Jeffrey Blaine BS Accounting
Hennen, Erin  Blaine BS Radiologic Sciences
Jernberg, Beau Dalton Blaine PHD Biochemistry
Lukens, David  Blaine BS Marketing
Madison, Genevieve  Blaine BS Radiologic Sciences
***Mohler, Kaitlyn  Blaine BS Management
*Pelton, Graham Michael Blaine BS Sport Management
*Rose, Dylan Levin Blaine BS Pharmaceutical Sciences
***Ross, Erik  Blaine BS Management Information Systems
Siocha, Oscar  Blaine BSCPRE Computer Engineering
**Louks, Vanessa  Blooming Prairie BS Biological Sciences
Otterson, Trevor  Blooming Prairie BS Agricultural Systems Management
Borgerding, Kay  Bloomington MARCH Architecture
Hammer, Kieran Glenn Bloomington BSEE Electrical Engineering
Rivard, Jeremy  Bloomington MARCH Architecture
***Vogt, Brady Michael Bloomington BS Management Information Systems
***Anderson, Christopher Raymond Borup BSCONSM Construction Management
Newman, Eathan  Bovey BS Criminal Justice
Roberts, Devin Edward Braham BSCONSM Construction Management
*Thrippleton, Lucy  Braham BS Psychology
*Converse, Korina  Brainerd BS Psychology
Davis, Jonah Michael Brainerd BS Business Administration
*Hess, Halle Eileen Brainerd BSN Nursing
Johnson, Emily  Brainerd MS Psychology
Kowalzek, Brady  Brainerd MARCH Architecture
Mollner, Allison Jae Brainerd BS Psychology
**Olson, Samuel Reagan Brainerd BSCONSM Construction Management
*Wunderlich, Amber  Brainerd BS Radiologic Sciences
*Arnhalt, Kaitlin Mary Breckenridge BSN Nursing
Busse, Brooke Emma Breckenridge PHARMD Pharmacy
*Hought, Carson James Breckenridge BS Crop and Weed Sciences
**Ihland, Emma Clare Breckenridge BS Biological Sciences
Johnson, Max  Breckenridge BS Business Administration
***Huseby, Ashe  Breezy Point BS Psychology
Buck, Zachary David Brooklyn Center BA Computer Science
**Fromayan, Avena  Brooklyn Center BSARCH Architecture
Becker, Chase  Brooklyn Park MARCH Architecture
***Janssen, Aaron  Brooklyn Park BS Computer Science
Madson, Luke  Brooklyn Park MARCH Architecture
***Quan, Taylor  Brooklyn Park BS Exercise Science
Yang, Rose Porkes Brooklyn Park PHARMD Pharmacy
*Buchholz, Elijah Steven Brooten BS Exercise Science
***Schmitz, Sarah  Brooten BS Pharmaceutical Sciences
Crandall, Justin  Browerville BSCE Civil Engineering
White, Kendra  Brownton BS Pharmaceutical Sciences
*Bechtold, Dawson  Buffalo BSARCH Architecture
Evans, Claire R Buffalo BS Psychology
**Holmberg, Elivia Renee Buffalo BS Strategic Communication
***Linz, Conor  Buffalo BS Mathematics
*Poncius, Hunter  Buffalo BS Physical Education
Preugschas, Anna-Helena  Buffalo MPHEPI Public Health in Epidemiology
Rud, Justin  Buffalo BS Management
*Kurth, Cody  Buffalo Lake BS Agribusiness
**Fronk, Zoe  Burnsville BS Psychology
**Pompa, Deborah  Burnsville BS Computer Science
Schumann, Kacy  Burnsville BS Finance
*Roerick, Alex William Burtrum BS Radiologic Sciences
***Steffl, Jonah James Callaway BS Precision Agriculture Technology & Management
Johnson, Olivia Jo Cannon Falls BS Human Development and Family Science
Ulrich, Braxton  Cannon Falls BSCONSM Construction Management
**Vasquez, Nevaeh  Carver BS Human Development and Family Science
Frazer, Terick Scott Cass Lake BSME Mechanical Engineering
Gutzkow, Mitchell H Cedar BSME Mechanical Engineering
**Knobbe, Madeline  Cedar BS Business Administration
Boevers, Charles Ronald Champlin BS Art Education
Bueno, Elizabeth Ann Champlin PHD Biochemistry
*Feggestad, Max D Champlin BS Finance
**Hathaway, Kathleen Cayman S. Champlin BS Interior Design
Hritzko, Matt  Champlin BS Computer Science
Janhonen, Samuel R Champlin BS Computer Science
*Mcmahon, Jack  Champlin BS Business Administration
O'donoghue, Riley  Champlin MM Music
*Schluender, Melanie  Champlin BSME Mechanical Engineering
***Schulte, Abby  Champlin BS Human Development and Family Science
*Weyer, Aaron James Champlin BSCPRE Computer Engineering
Kodet, Andrew Thomas Chanhassen MLA Landscape Architecture
Rangel, Dylan Alexander Chanhassen BS Computer Science
*Carpentier, Will  Chaska BS Finance
***Clark, Emma  Chaska BSARCH Architecture
Duzan, Megan  Chaska BS Veterinary Technology
*Johnson, Jack  Chaska BSEE Electrical Engineering
*Langford, Matthew Jacob Chaska BS Exercise Science
Loosbrock, Max  Chaska BSCONSM Construction Management
Hanson, Kevin  Circle Pines BS Psychology
***Le, Tam  Circle Pines BSARCH Architecture
Le, Tanya  Circle Pines PHARMD Pharmacy
*Zimmerman, Abigail  Circle Pines BS Finance
Nelson, Jessica L Clarissa BS Human Development and Family Science
Uphus, Dylan  Clarissa BS Computer Science
*Turner, Mataiah  Clinton BSARCH Architecture
Kelley, Kendra Ann Cloquet BS Human Development and Family Science
Maki, Isaac  Cloquet BSME Mechanical Engineering
*Pogorelc, Jaxie M Cloquet BS Finance
***Court, Jaden  Cold Spring BS Management
Williams, Hailey Jo Cologne BS Criminal Justice
*Sirvio, Noah  Columbia Heights BSARCH Architecture
Guckeen, Tyler  Coon Rapids MATRG Athletic Training
Howman, Daniel Christopher Coon Rapids BSME Mechanical Engineering
*Malik, Brittany Ann Coon Rapids BS Psychology
Nelson, Jack  Coon Rapids BS Psychology
Melberg, Ethan  Cosmos BS Agricultural Economics
Enenaya, Emeka  Cottage Grove BSARCH Architecture
**Kallies, Olivia  Cottage Grove BS Human Development and Family Science
Ripka, Madlyn Marie Cottage Grove BMUS Music
*Grube, William  Cottonwood BS Computer Science
*Mauland, Ashley  Cottonwood BS Medical Laboratory Science
***Schmidt, Noah  Cottonwood BSME Mechanical Engineering
Barna, Kathryn Jean Crosby BSCE Civil Engineering
**Andrews, Hannah  Danvers BS Pharmaceutical Sciences
*Mazzei, Maxwell Paul Dayton BSME Mechanical Engineering
***Grasswick, Autumn  Deer Creek BS Pharmaceutical Sciences
Pierce, Lexi Nicole Deer Creek BSN Nursing
**Snyder, Alyssa  Deer River BSN Nursing
**Snyder, Kole  Deer River BS Radiologic Sciences
Villeneuve, Kathleen  Deer River BSCE Civil Engineering
Villeneuve, Kathleen  Deer River BSENVE Environmental Engineering
*Lokken, Robert  Delano BSME Mechanical Engineering
Schleisman, John Thomas Delano BS Physics Education
Hoppe, Iryna  Dent BSN Nursing
Bridgeman, Kaitlyn  Detroit Lakes MARCH Architecture
*Buboltz, Margaret Alice Detroit Lakes BS Marketing
Lembke, Elizabeth  Detroit Lakes MEDUCAT Counseling
Miletto, Hailey Marie Detroit Lakes BS Human Development and Family Science
Reller, Reed  Detroit Lakes MARCH Architecture
**Shefelbine, LeeCorissa  Detroit Lakes BA Biological Sciences
***Ullyott, Broden  Detroit Lakes BS Natural Resources Management
Beilke, Logan Rodney Dilworth BSCONSM Construction Management
***Coalwell, Drew  Dilworth BS Exercise Science
Flatt, Megan Ann Dilworth BS Marketing
**Fortin, Lydia  Dilworth BS Radiologic Sciences
*Manton, Emily Kay Dilworth BS Radiologic Sciences
Overbo, Michael D Dilworth BSME Mechanical Engineering
Patnaude, Jocelyn  Dilworth BS Psychology
***Johnson, Ashley Claire Dodge Center BMUS Music
*Bolgrean, Joshua  Duluth BS Finance
Edwards, Jaxon  Duluth BS Natural Resources Management
Jahn, Brandon Carl Duluth BSCPRE Computer Engineering
*Johnson, Laura Marie Duluth BS Animal Science
Kroska, Katerina Jane Duluth BS Environmental Design
Stanius, Mason  Duluth BSARCH Architecture
Entzel, Sierra Marie Dumont DNP1 Advanced Nursing Practice
*Bubliauskas, Augustinas  Eagan BSME Mechanical Engineering
***Daly, Carter  Eagle Lake BSME Mechanical Engineering
***Dustman, Kassandra  East Bethel BS Psychology
Craven, Jakob Orville East Grand Forks MARCH Architecture
**Schultz, Brody  East Grand Forks BSCONSM Construction Management
Sundberg, Jacob  East Grand Forks BSME Mechanical Engineering
**Vonasek, Kyle  East Grand Forks BSME Mechanical Engineering
Cavalieri, Adam Michael Eden Prairie BS Marketing
Groth, Mason  Eden Prairie MARCH Architecture
Mallow, Joshua  Eden Prairie BS Finance
Nelson, Abigail  Eden Prairie BS Biotechnology
Wittwer, Kylee Ann Eden Prairie BS Psychology
Zhou, Hanwei  Eden Prairie PHARMD Pharmacy
**Blume, Kilee Rose Elbow Lake BS Strategic Communication
**Brusven, Brandon  Elizabeth BS Finance
Albrecht, Anna  Elk River BS Natural Resources Management
Baldwin, Cade  Elk River BS Business Administration
Johnson, Anders  Elk River BSIEMGT Industrial Engineering and Management
**Klegon, Savanah  Elk River BS Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Livingston, Michael Palmer Elk River BS Management Information Systems
Milbrandt, Sidney Rose Elk River PHARMD Pharmacy
Moss, Aleesha Clarice Elk River BSME Mechanical Engineering
Renken, Austin Jon Elko New Market BS Finance
Potter, Bailey  Emily BS Animal Science
***Jacobson, Alex Parker Erskine BS Finance
Broman, Dawson  Esko MARCH Architecture
Stueber, Samantha  Esko MNRM Natural Resources Management
*Zastrow, Haddey  Evansville BSARCH Architecture
Winkler, Mccayla  Eveleth BS Pharmaceutical Sciences
Nelson, Samuel Lee Excelsior MARCH Architecture
Anderson, Cambrie Leigh Fairmont BS Human Development and Family Science
**Johnson, Heather  Faribault BS Biological Sciences Education
Velazquez, Elvis Brian Faribault MLA Landscape Architecture
Dykhuizen, Sydney N Farmington PHARMD Pharmacy
**Farran, Kayle A Farmington BS Interior Design
McMillen, Megan  Farmington BS Veterinary Technology
Ott, Gabrielle Elizabeth Farmington BSIEMGT Industrial Engineering and Management
Sundet, William  Farmington BS Supply Chain Management
Donaldson, Morgan Sarah Fergus Falls MS Environmental and Conservation Sciences
*Johnson, Sophie  Fergus Falls BS Interior Design
Macheledt, Hailey  Fergus Falls MARCH Architecture
*Scott, Matthew  Fergus Falls BSIEMGT Industrial Engineering and Management
Seelhammer, Joseph  Fergus Falls MARCH Architecture
Thorson, Wyatt  Fergus Falls BSABENG Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
**Tiffany, Grace  Fergus Falls BS Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Wiederich, Michael Lee Fergus Falls BS Business Administration
*Zupko, Thomas  Flensburg BSENVE Environmental Engineering
***Skwira, Pearce  Foley BSCE Civil Engineering
Grindahl, Ryan  Forest Lake BS Marketing
*Leavitt, McKinley Marie Forest Lake BS Interior Design
Rogers, Mitchell Kirk Forest Lake BSIEMGT Industrial Engineering and Management
*Schumacher, Andrew  Forest Lake BSME Mechanical Engineering
Steele, Madeline Rosalie-Marie Forest Lake BS Veterinary Technology
*Balstad, Lance  Fosston BS Computer Science
Paulson, Jaxon  Fosston BS Physical Education
Friederichs, Isabel  Foxhome BS Marketing
Harmoning, Bella  Franklin BS Finance
*Evenson, Bailey Bryce Frazee BSN Nursing
Mickelson, Grayce  Frazee BS Marketing
*Fleischhacker, Emily  Freeport BSN Nursing
Frid, Courtney Renee Fridley BUS University Studies
Grant, Benjamin Jerome Garrison PHARMD Pharmacy
Schwarzrock, Devon  Gibbon MS Agribusiness and Applied Economics
***George, Carly Jean Gilbert BS Biotechnology
Ehrke, Cole  Glencoe BSCONSM Construction Management
Herout, Katilynn  Glencoe BS English
Litzau, Paige Ann Glencoe PHARMD Pharmacy
Johnshoy, Cassidy Lynn Glenwood BSN Nursing
Juetten, Sarah  Glenwood BSME Mechanical Engineering
**Illg, Taylor Brianne Glyndon BS Human Development and Family Science
Nelson, Matthew  Glyndon BS Sport Management
*Steiner, Sophia  Glyndon BS Pharmaceutical Sciences
Vinje, Parker  Glyndon BS Agricultural Economics
Gieseke, Madalyn  Golden Valley BS Crop and Weed Sciences
Jones, Hannah  Goodhue BS Interior Design
*Schoon, Keaton Warren Graceville BS Accounting
**Haugan, Mia  Grand Marais BS Microbiology
***Hackbarth, Hayley Raeann Grand Rapids BS Political Science
Troumbly, Alyssa  Grand Rapids BS Interior Design
Kuznia, Ganon  Greenbush BS Precision Agriculture Technology & Management
Stanelle, Sarah  Greenbush BS Human Development and Family Science
*Gray, Oakley  Grey Eagle BS Environmental Design
Hanson, Madison Marie Gully BS Human Development and Family Science
*Newman, Beatrice Sue Hallock BS Natural Resources Management
Beckstrom, Elizabeth  Ham Lake BSME Mechanical Engineering
***Groess, Kailey S Ham Lake BS Management
**Schowalter, Makenzie Ann Ham Lake BS Human Development and Family Science
**Weinandt, Enya  Ham Lake BSARCH Architecture
Kettleson, Justin Daniel Hamel BSME Mechanical Engineering
*Flaten, Isaiah Joel Hancock BS Finance
*Rohloff, Preston  Hancock BS Mathematics Education
Kohnen, Jared Jeffrey Hanover BS Agribusiness
Zaragoza, Emily  Hanover BSARCH Architecture
*Gruber, Christina  Hastings BS Biotechnology
***Ma, Jason  Hastings BS Pharmaceutical Sciences
**Nauer, Joseph  Hastings BS Exercise Science
*Keeping, Carson  Hawley BS Computer Science
***Manthe, Blake  Hawley BS Finance
Ringsaker, Corey Daniel Hawley BS Pharmaceutical Sciences
Sunde, Cole  Hawley BS Marketing
Zenzen, Hunter  Hawley BUS University Studies
**Hornbacher, Lauren J Henning BS Psychology
Long, Olivia Marie Henning BS Biological Sciences
Rose, Vincent Gabriel Henning BSCPRE Computer Engineering
*Severson, Ethan C Henning BSCPRE Computer Engineering
Libbesmeier, Macee  Herman BS Agribusiness
*Fuller, Ashleigh  Hermantown BS Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Johanning, Dylan Francis Heron Lake BS Finance
Flaten, Jennifer Jean Hibbing BS Radiologic Sciences
Hoag, Sara Marie Hibbing PHARMD Pharmacy
Zieske, Maggie Rose Hibbing BS Human Development and Family Science
*Czeck, Quinn  Holdingford BS Agribusiness
Dezurik, William  Holdingford BSEE Electrical Engineering
Ehlers, Carter  Hugo BSME Mechanical Engineering
Brecht, Kamryn  Hutchinson MARCH Architecture
*Gartner, Cole  Hutchinson BS Computer Science
**Knuth, Khiana Jewel Hutchinson BS Human Development and Family Science
**Markovic, Carson  Hutchinson BS Microbiology
**Schmidt, Blake Gary Hutchinson BSIEMGT Industrial Engineering and Management
Schochenmaier, Calvin James Hutchinson BSME Mechanical Engineering
***Smith, Elizabeth A Hutchinson BS Marketing
**Weisenberger, Owen Muir Hutchinson BS Finance
Weseloh, Gavin Michael Hutchinson BS Business Administration
*Lyrek, Jack  Independence BS Computer Science
***Knoll, Madeline  Inver Grove Heights BSARCH Architecture
**Ligtenberg, Reese Michael Inver Grove Heights BS Sport Management
*Safi, Lauren  Inver Grove Heights BS Apparel, Retail Merchandising and Design
Yang, Shinoby Keng Inver Grove Heights PHARMD Pharmacy
Sanford, Emma Elaine Ironton BS Exercise Science
Aljoe, Shawn  Jordan BS Physics
*Thompson, Adam  Karlstad BSCONENG Construction Engineering
**Wright, Caleb J Kasson BS Computer Science
*Woodle, Isabelle  Kensington BS Finance
*Meyer, Merrick Matthew Kent BSME Mechanical Engineering
*Lesteberg, Morgan E Kerkhoven BS Pharmaceutical Sciences
**Helget, Naomi  La Salle BSARCH Architecture
***Goldberg, Ellie  Lake Bronson BS Strategic Communication
***Wiens, Allie Mae Lake Crystal BS Radiologic Sciences
Owsley, Nickolas  Lake Elmo BS Political Science
**Smebak, Stella  Lake Elmo BS Finance
Grande, Rachel Lenore Lake Park PHARMD Pharmacy
Hogenson, Hayden T Lake Park MS Agribusiness and Applied Economics
**Kleven, Garrett  Lake Park BSARCH Architecture
Kennedy, Daniel Murphy Lakeville PHARMD Pharmacy
Nelson, RaJa  Lakeville BS Business Administration
Schulz, Miya  Lakeville BS Business Administration
***Massar, Molly  Laporte BS Psychology
Jacobson, Kyle  Lengby BSCONSM Construction Management
**Hubbard, Jacob  Lindstrom BS Physics
*Brennhofer, Luke  Lino Lakes BS Apparel, Retail Merchandising and Design
Coenen, Connor  Lino Lakes BSCONENG Construction Engineering
*Jurgens, Bella  Lino Lakes BS Animal Science
Mueller, Simon  Litchfield BS Environmental Design
Wright, Angela  Little Falls BS Psychology
Promersberger, Alexis Marie Littlefork BSN Nursing
Erickson, James P Luverne BSCE Civil Engineering
**Baldwin, Laura  Madison BS Strategic Communication
*Adams, Nate David Maple Grove BS Business Administration
Buchert, Ben Alan Maple Grove BSME Mechanical Engineering
***Christensen, Emily  Maple Grove BS Radiologic Sciences
Dexheimer, Ethan  Maple Grove BS Marketing
Henry, Taylor Grace Maple Grove BS Human Development and Family Science
Kuball, Elisabeth  Maple Grove BSN Nursing
Moline, Katelyn  Maple Grove BS Statistics
Peterson, Kylee Lynn Maple Grove BS Human Development and Family Science
Pletan, Samuel  Maple Grove BSME Mechanical Engineering
Speier, Finnian Thomas Maple Grove BS Economics
Tovsen, Andrew  Maple Grove MARCH Architecture
*Brown, Benjamin  Maple Lake BS Emergency Management
*Green, Grace Elisabeth Maple Lake BS Psychology
Hagen, Caleb  Maple Lake BSME Mechanical Engineering
Miller, Emily L Maple Lake BSN Nursing
*Stecker, Ana  Maple Lake BS Medical Laboratory Science
Kusske, Adam James Maple Plain BA Criminal Justice
**Trio, Nathan  Mapleton BS Geology
Payette, Maggie  Maplewood BS Psychology
Maetzold, Dylan  Mayer BS Business Administration
Hahn, Jenna Lee Medina PHARMD Pharmacy
Homan, Benner William Medina BSCONSM Construction Management
Meyer, John  Melrose MARCH Architecture
*Rademacher, April Michelle Melrose BS Precision Agriculture Technology & Management
Wensmann, Kinsey  Melrose BS Radiologic Sciences
Wuertz, Brooke  Melrose BS Business Administration
Gonzalez, Ivan  Menahga MARCH Architecture
Pfeifer, Alleathea Junita Menahga BS Psychology
Bryant, Riley Joseph Mendota Heights BSCONSM Construction Management
True, Phillip Joseph Mendota Heights BS Pharmaceutical Sciences
Hannah, Madison  Merrifield BS Business Administration
Brito, Julia  Miltona BSN Nursing
Ekstrom, Joseph William Minneapolis BS Pharmaceutical Sciences
Friesz, Jediah  Minneapolis BS Accounting
*Gustafson, Cole Vernon Minneapolis BS Business Administration
*Miller, Quincy  Minneapolis BSCE Civil Engineering
Moe, Jordan  Minneapolis BS Medical Laboratory Science
**Payne, Tanner  Minneapolis BS Natural Resources Management
Price, Diego Winchester Minneapolis BS English
**Raasch, Kassandra J Minneapolis BS Medical Laboratory Science
**Reber, Robert Adam Minneapolis BSARCH Architecture
***Reuter, Elizabeth  Minneapolis BS Human Development and Family Science
Snapko, Maeve  Minneapolis BSARCH Architecture
**Stevens, Samuel  Minneapolis BS Chemistry
*Tran, Van M Minneapolis BS Radiologic Sciences
*Vergara Gonzalez, Anthony  Minneapolis BSARCH Architecture
Werner, Ethan  Minneapolis BSME Mechanical Engineering
Willaert, Lydia Jane Minneapolis BS Marketing
Urahn, Nolan  Minnetonka BSME Mechanical Engineering
Abrahamson, Hailey Noel Montevideo BS Human Development and Family Science
***Jirik, William  Montgomery BS Management Information Systems
Koshiol, Jacob Scott Monticello BSCPRE Computer Engineering
Reitmeier, Riley J Monticello BSME Mechanical Engineering
Alansary, Hasan A Moorhead BS Management
Altendorf, Adam Michael Moorhead BS Geology
**Anderson, Lydia Mae Moorhead BS Psychology
Archer, Samantha Jo Murine Moorhead PHD Communication
*Boschee, Emmanuelle Annette Moorhead BA Criminal Justice
***Carlson, Nathan T Moorhead BS Pharmaceutical Sciences
Covey, Hunter  Moorhead BS Economics
Deitz, Jonathan  Moorhead MARCH Architecture
Delgado, Elizabell  Moorhead BS Pharmaceutical Sciences
Eddy, Steven  Moorhead BS Computer Science
Fierstine, Melanie  Moorhead PHD Education
Gross, Alexandra Zeda Moorhead BS Psychology
Habib, Mary Omer Moorhead DNP1 Advanced Nursing Practice
Hassan, Jabril Mohamed Moorhead MEDUCAT Education
***Heimbuch, Halli Ann Moorhead BS Nutrition Science
*Hoang, Alex Lee Moorhead BSME Mechanical Engineering
***Hoogland, Nicole  Moorhead BS Finance
*Howell, Claire  Moorhead BS Biological Sciences
**Johnson, Rylie  Moorhead BS Pharmaceutical Sciences
Kamen, Sarah  Moorhead MM Music
**Kresien-Bunker, Sean  Moorhead BS Computer Science
Langness, Kaelen E Moorhead BSN Nursing
**Leclerc, Kelsie  Moorhead BS Public History
**Lider, Sydney M Moorhead BS Medical Laboratory Science
*Lindgren, Anna Mae Larson Moorhead BS Psychology
Manalo, Jan Arman Ocampo Moorhead BS Management Information Systems
Manalo, Julia Maree  Moorhead BS Human Development and Family Science
Massy, Terruth  Moorhead BS Criminal Justice
**McIntyre, Grace  Moorhead BA English
**McIntyre, Grace  Moorhead BFA Art
Nguyen, Christopher Phung Moorhead BS Marketing
***Pepsin, Jaeda  Moorhead BS Biological Sciences
**Persaud, Jada  Moorhead BS Psychology
Safah, Jinan  Moorhead MS Biomedical Engineering
**Scheuring, Laura  Moorhead BS Sport Management
Shekore, Lauren  Moorhead BS Human Development and Family Science
Snowden, Leah Leslie Moorhead MS Business Analytics
***Stalboerger, Alex  Moorhead BSARCH Architecture
***Swanson, CAILEY MARIE Moorhead BS Biological Sciences
Schiller, Shaylee L Morgan BSN Nursing
Fehr, Cade B Morris BS Precision Agriculture Technology & Management
**Hufford, Makenna Mae Morris BS Marketing
*Mohrman, Carissa Lynn Morris BS Human Development and Family Science
*Oberg, Carissa Kay Morris BS Exercise Science
Riley, Jake  Morris BS Computer Science
**Zimmel, Hannah  Morris BSN Nursing
**Erholtz, Beck  Motley BS Finance
*Schmidt, Elena  Mound BS Health Services
***Kirk, Brayden  Mounds View BSARCH Architecture
McDougald, Tori Corrine Ione Nashua PHARMD Pharmacy
Frischman, James J New Brighton BSMFE Manufacturing Engineering
Hustings, Matthew  New Brighton MS Computer Science
Hemmesch, Carter  New London BS Economics
**Knutson, McCartney T New London BS Animal Science
Leindecker, Ashlyn Grace New London BS Psychology
**Mages, Payton  New London BS Business Administration
Peterson, Madison  New London BSARCH Architecture
Soukup, Olivia  New Prague BSN Nursing
Janssen, Bethany  New Ulm BS Geology
Dittmann, Katherine  New York Mills BS Human Development and Family Science
*Bakke, Hayden  Newfolden BS Precision Agriculture Technology & Management
*Moen, Keira Lyn Newfolden BS Radiologic Sciences
*Nelson, Caleb  Newfolden BSME Mechanical Engineering
**Dietz, Ethan A Nisswa BS Management Information Systems
Glassmann, Camron Valdimar Nisswa BS Computer Science
Wuflestad, Laura  Nisswa MPP Public Policy
Morrow, Boone  Norcross BS Interior Design
*Wright, Tyler  North Branch BSME Mechanical Engineering
**Olsen, Rachel  North Mankato BMUS Music
Schwartz, Stephen  North Mankato BS Business Administration
**Morris, Erin Dorothy Northfield BS Interior Design
*Motter, Marshal Douglas Nowthen BS Business Administration
**Wilmer, Corey John Oak Grove BS Finance
Collins, Grace Danielle Oakdale BS Human Development and Family Science
Kleich, Alexander Thomas Oakdale BSMFE Manufacturing Engineering
Peterson, Derek James Oklee BSCONSM Construction Management
*Whited, Ethan Alexander Olivia BS Art Education
***Starry, Madison  Osage BS Agribusiness
*Fiskness, Mackenzie Spring Osakis BS Crop and Weed Sciences
Milhausen, Ryan  Osakis BS Exercise Science
*Hanson, Ray  Osseo BS Finance
Seeger, Evan  Osseo BS Finance
Williams, Matthew  Osseo BS Business Administration
Armstrong, Conner Joseph Otsego PHARMD Pharmacy
Highet, Ayden  Otsego BS Environmental Design
Wilson, Abby Rae Owatonna MARCH Architecture
*Jakubiec, Macy Kay Parkers Prairie BSN Nursing
Schroeder, Jordan  Parkers Prairie BS Finance
Imholte, Spencer Eric Paynesville BSME Mechanical Engineering
*Odegard, Brady  Pelican Rapids BSARCH Architecture
Dotty, Joseph  Pequot Lakes BS Sport Management
Morgan, Alexander  Pequot Lakes BSCONSM Construction Management
Olmscheid, Elizabeth Mary Pequot Lakes BS Human Development and Family Science
**Ryan, Madeline  Pequot Lakes BS Equine Science
*Fudge, Jack  Perham BS Accounting
Lueders, Brett  Perham BS Marketing
Meader, Lisa Jo Perham MPH Public Health
Stromme, Amber Maye Perham BSN Nursing
*Faust, Michael  Pierz BS Computer Science
***Kasella, Matthew Robert Pierz BSCE Civil Engineering
Grimsley, Gabriel  Pillager BS Business Administration
Sundquist, Kaleb  Pillager BS Accounting
Ochowicz, Jocelyn E Pine City BS Human Development and Family Science
Pike, Nathan Andrew Pine Island BSME Mechanical Engineering
**Drey, Delaney  Pipestone BS Music
Morgan, Jacob  Pipestone BS Journalism
*Smidt, Lauryn  Pipestone BS Animal Science
Hagen, Samson Johannes Plainview BSEE Electrical Engineering
Lepel, Sydney Rose Plato BS Radiologic Sciences
**Fish, Peyton  Plummer BS Criminal Justice
**Buckley, Iva Mae Plymouth BS Business Administration
Coomes, Anders Kellogg Plymouth BS Marketing
*Dale, Elijah James Plymouth BSCONENG Construction Engineering
*Geer, Alex  Plymouth BSME Mechanical Engineering
Navratil, David Charles Thomas Plymouth BS Supply Chain Management
Pearson, David  Plymouth BSME Mechanical Engineering
*Poferl, Blake William Plymouth BS Sport Management
***Schaffler, Ayden Roger Plymouth BSARCH Architecture
*Specken, Kally Lynn Plymouth BS Business Administration
Wallace, Lexi Jade Princeton BS Psychology
Anderson, Hannah  Prior Lake BS Human Development and Family Science
Anthony, Hunter  Prior Lake BS Social Science Education
Block, Maddie Lynn Prior Lake BUS University Studies
*Hoffman, Nate Jeffrey Prior Lake BSME Mechanical Engineering
Krekelberg, Ava  Prior Lake BS Psychology
Lake, David William Prior Lake BS Criminal Justice
Larson, Evan  Prior Lake BS Criminal Justice
Larson, Joe  Prior Lake MACC Accountancy
Nelson, Brett James Prior Lake BA Political Science
Rothenberger, Heather  Prior Lake BS Pharmaceutical Sciences
*Rowan, Nathan  Prior Lake BS Accounting
Ziemkowski, Jaxon  Prior Lake BS Marketing
*Patnaude, Jessica Kate Proctor BMUS Music
Kellar, Cade Stewart Ramsey BUS University Studies
Sieben, Madison Marie Ramsey MACC Accountancy
Gunderson, Haylee  Randolph BS Marketing
***Williams, Carter  Red Lake Falls BS Exercise Science
Kvanbek, Josie  Red Wing BS Animal Science
Wake, Cameron  Remer BSABENG Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
Benoit, Lily  Rice BS Accounting
Amell, Andrew  Richfield BS Computer Science
Frelich, Judith Irva Richmond MARCH Architecture
Kirchenwitz, Kaylie Adell Richville BSN Nursing
Anderson, Aleah Lynn Rochester BS Human Development and Family Science
**Christofferson, Titus  Rochester BS Statistics
*Hass, Zachary Ray Rochester BSEE Electrical Engineering
***Spencer, Jessica Janeane Rochester BMUS Music
Fitzsimmons, Samantha Leigh Rockford MS Health, Nutrition and Exercise Science
***Burandt, Katie  Rogers BSARCH Architecture
Garner, Andrew  Rogers MS Health, Nutrition and Exercise Science
Gries, Madalyn  Rogers BS Marketing
Holstein, Kyle Paul Rogers PHARMD Pharmacy
Neu, Brittany  Rogers MS Criminal Justice Administration
Peikert, Matt  Rogers MARCH Architecture
Springfield, Caleb Marty Rogers MARCH Architecture
Christianson, McKayla Ruth Roseau PHARMD Pharmacy
Moser, Lyvia Marie Roseau PHARMD Pharmacy
***Urness, Olivia Rose Roseau BSN Nursing
*Agpalasin, Isabell Sofija Rosemount BS Health Services
Buyck, Elsa  Rosemount BS Chemistry
**Cooper, Carson  Rosemount BS Physical Education
Whiting, Nathan  Rosemount BS Business Administration
Azzouzi, Olivia Doran Roseville BSN Nursing
Brenden, Rachel Kathryn Rothsay BS Pharmaceutical Sciences
Huber, Carter J. Royalton MARCH Architecture
***Waletski, Allyson Carolyn Royalton BS Pharmaceutical Sciences
**Weitnauer, Reegan  Sabin BS Business Administration
*Ferguson, Gracelyn  Saint Bonifacius BSN Nursing
Anderson, Trevor Jon Saint Charles BSCE Civil Engineering
Anderson, Vincent L Saint Cloud BS Sport Management
Archer, Alex  Saint Cloud BS History
*Athmann, Emma  Saint Cloud BUS University Studies
LaLonde, Megan R Saint Cloud BSIEMGT Industrial Engineering and Management
Miller, Grace  Saint Cloud BS Psychology
Loud, Cody  Saint Francis MARCH Architecture
**Overvold, Brett T Saint Francis BSCE Civil Engineering
Tetzloff, Miranda  Saint James BS Strategic Communication
**Blum, Zachary  Saint Joseph BS Environmental Design
*Breth, Jaden Marie Saint Joseph BS Human Development and Family Science
***Eisenschenk, Mikayla  Saint Joseph BS Human Development and Family Science
**Hagen, Claire  Saint Joseph BSN Nursing
Zimmer, Maison Raymond Saint Joseph BSABENG Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
Gray, Elijah David Saint Louis Park BS Computer Science
Buerman, Neal Joseph Saint Michael BS Computer Science
Dahlheimer, Nash  Saint Michael BSCONSM Construction Management
Dick, Jared  Saint Michael BSCONENG Construction Engineering
DuLac, Gabe James Saint Michael BS Business Administration
**Huser, Jessica  Saint Michael BS Psychology
Kowalke, Clairice  Saint Michael BS Radiologic Sciences
Kummer, Brooke Makayla Saint Michael BS Emergency Management
*Leshovsky, Taylor  Saint Michael BS Management
*Schneider, Chloe Gabriela Saint Michael BS Marketing
Snyder, Cooper  Saint Michael BSCE Civil Engineering
Andrew, Sarah  Saint Paul MS Health, Nutrition and Exercise Science
Bloomquist, Kaleb David Saint Paul BS Strategic Communication
Cadry, Joseph  Saint Paul BSME Mechanical Engineering
Erickson, Hannah  Saint Paul BS Apparel, Retail Merchandising and Design
Grant, Joe  Saint Paul BS Business Administration
Guest, Donovan  Saint Paul BSEE Electrical Engineering
**Lee, Julia Patrice Saint Paul BS Medical Laboratory Science
**Marcolina, Jena  Saint Paul BSME Mechanical Engineering
Miller, Lily  Saint Paul BS Management
**Nguyen, Marie  Saint Paul BFA Art
Robison, Kristofer Taavo Saint Paul BSEE Electrical Engineering
Schoeller, Jeremy  Saint Paul BS Agricultural Economics
Stanczak, Matthew D Saint Paul BSME Mechanical Engineering
*Vance, Charles Miller Saint Paul BSCONENG Construction Engineering
Barnes, Kaleb  Saint Paul Park BSN Nursing
Quaal, Sammy  Saint Stephen MARCH Architecture
Fernholz, Ryan Scott Sartell PHARMD Pharmacy
***Fernholz, Sam  Sartell BS Exercise Science
***Rivard, Jonathan  Sartell BS Computer Science
***Staiger, Aria A Sartell BS Agricultural Economics
Abel, Cedric  Sauk Centre BS Marketing
***Marthaler, Tanner  Sauk Centre BS Computer Science
Conway, Kyle James Sauk Rapids BSME Mechanical Engineering
Latterell, Margaret  Sauk Rapids MEDUCAT Educational Leadership
**Allen, Caden  Savage BS Environmental Design
Bailey, Alison  Savage PHARMD Pharmacy
Jarman, Cole  Savage MARCH Architecture
Kunkel, Courtney Emma Savage BS English
McCullough, Connor Thomas Savage BS Economics
Nelson, Maxwell James Savage BSEE Electrical Engineering
Stone, Skyler  Savage BS Business Administration
**Sycks, Emma  Scandia BS Interior Design
Baldzicki, Josie  Shakopee BSN Nursing
Chodek, Ashley  Shakopee BS Biological Sciences
**Fritz, Morgan Elizabeth Shakopee BS Biological Sciences
*Mennen, Carson  Shakopee BSARCH Architecture
Mueller, Emma  Shakopee MEDUCAT Educational Leadership
Neri, Brandon Michael Shakopee MENGR Electrical and Computer Engineering
**Sauers, Jack Theodore Shakopee BS Marketing
***Tate, Samantha  Shakopee BS Management Information Systems
Weierke, Matthew Donald Shakopee BS Criminal Justice
Ruehle, Alexa Ann South Haven PHARMD Pharmacy
Goaley, Paige  South Saint Paul MBA Business Administration
**Austvold, Sophia  Spicer BSARCH Architecture
Leino, Kennedi Morgan Squaw Lake BS Human Development and Family Science
Potter, Lucia Aileen Stacy BS Computer Science
Swedeen, Micah John Stanchfield MARCH Architecture
Kramer, Chloe  Staples BS Psychology
Paklonsky, Jessica  Staples BS Animal Science
***Doscher, Zoe Marie Starbuck BS Human Development and Family Science
Hanson, Quinn  Starbuck BS English
***Mcglynn, Zachary  Stephen BS Agricultural Economics
*Streich, Owen  Stewart BS Finance
**Nelson, Hayden Riley Stewartville BS Crop and Weed Sciences
Patten, Madisen Ann Stewartville BS Radiologic Sciences
**Fedor, Bob  Stillwater BS Computer Science
***Monty, Catherine  Stillwater BS Political Science
*Hauge, Claire Susan Sunburg BSN Nursing
Kaczor, Lucy  Talmoon BS Political Science
***Buysse, Audra C Taunton BS Sociology
*Molstad, Abigail Brooke Thief River Falls BS Political Science
Skalsky, Lorrisa  Thief River Falls MM Music
Nadgwick, Jayden  Twin Valley BS Environmental Design
***Worum, Amy  Underwood BS Pharmaceutical Sciences
***Wirth, Aubrey DeAnn Verdi BS Psychology
Courneya, Isaac Terrance Vergas MS Plant Pathology
Ziegler, Logan  Vernon Center MBA Business Administration
Hake, Carson  Victoria MBA Business Administration
*Peterson, Benjamin James Victoria BSME Mechanical Engineering
**Ramler, Benjamin  Victoria BSIEMGT Industrial Engineering and Management
Holkko, Katherine  Virginia BSME Mechanical Engineering
Buschena, Zachary Scott Waconia BSIEMGT Industrial Engineering and Management
Kurtz, Katherine  Waconia BS Criminal Justice
*Ramirez, Mateo  Waconia BSCE Civil Engineering
Schmieg, Eric  Waconia BSCPRE Computer Engineering
Frethem, Jordan  Wadena BSEE Electrical Engineering
***Lorentz, Alexander J. Wadena BS Computer Science
Nash, Lincoln  Warroad BSME Mechanical Engineering
Paulson, Tyler James Waseca BS Computer Science
Foley, Ella  Watertown BS Accounting
**Foley, Lauren  Watertown BS English Education
Pottinger, Alix  Waterville BSN Nursing
Streit, Joshua  Watkins BS Agricultural Economics
Wirz, Sarah Ann Watkins PHARMD Pharmacy
*Aziz, Haytham  Welch BSARCH Architecture
***Johannes, Josh  Willmar BS Radiologic Sciences
**Roehl, Jack  Willmar BS Crop and Weed Sciences
*Weber, Ethan  Willmar BSARCH Architecture
***Lehman, Aftyn  Woodbury BS Environmental Design
***Moorhouse, Joelle  Woodbury BS Animal Science
Strand, McKenna  Woodbury BS Biological Sciences
Swift, Harrison Banks Woodbury BS Computer Science
***Visich, Natalie  Woodbury BS Biotechnology
Olson, Miranda Marie Wyoming BS Human Development and Family Science
***Mancilman, Alyssa  Zumbrota BSARCH Architecture

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Other States


Name Home City, State Degree Program
**Campanale, Elizabeth Marie Tok, AK BS Accounting
*Bauman, Sara Ashlyn Valdez, AK BS Interior Design
*Eliason, Kira  Gilbert, AZ BSENVE Environmental Engineering
***Skaar, Leah Jo Gold Canyon, AZ BS Sport Management
Gullickson, Kylie Elizabeth Peoria, AZ MEDUCAT Counseling
Geyen-Helget, MaKayla Lauren Queen Creek, AZ PHARMD Pharmacy
*Soksoda, William  Anderson, CA BS Computer Science
Johnson, Connor Benton Carlsbad, CA BUS University Studies
Le, Tram  Hayward, CA BSN Nursing
Gregston, Meghan  Aurora, CO MARCH Architecture
Mlapa, Elom Kokou Aurora, CO BS Medical Laboratory Science
Thinnes, Hannah Martina Grand Junction, CO BSN Nursing
*Larlee, Cole  Milford, DE BS Psychology
Amiri Tehrani Zadeh, Maryam  Davie, FL PHD Computer Science
*Balek, Robert Steven Jacksonville, FL BMUS Music
Brozio, Hunter Steele Lakeland, FL BS Animal Science
Midkiff, Mcgwire  Carter Lake, IA MBA Business Administration
*Knoll, Hailey Elisabeth Denver, IA BS Radiologic Sciences
Ihde, Eric  Garnavillo, IA MS Health, Nutrition and Exercise Science
***Leathers, Katelyn  Pella, IA BS Supply Chain Management
Wold, Parker Alden Sioux City, IA MARCH Architecture
Miller, Camden  Solon, IA BS Marketing
**Rogers, Bailey  Armington, IL BS Animal Science
*Werner, Benjamin  Chicago, IL BSCE Civil Engineering
Dunn, John Terrence Glenview, IL MS Agribusiness and Applied Economics
Wlodarczyk, Julian  Naperville, IL MBA Business Administration
*Walker, Connor Kellogg Winnetka, IL BS Sport Management
Johnson, Nekeisha Ann Tyngsboro, MA MS Physics
Wofford, Christina Annette Columbia, MD MSE Software Engineering
**Richter, Ciara  Appleton, ME BS Animal Science
*Barnell, Sydney M East Lansing, MI BS Exercise Science
Nevin, Soraya  Holt, MI MS Biomedical Engineering
***Larson, Zachary  Okemos, MI BS Political Science
Martin, Tyler John Hillsboro, MO BSCONSM Construction Management
Jones, Kayla  Liberty, MO MEDUCAT Educational Leadership
**Bay, Taylor  Mississippi State, MS BS Environmental Design
*Darvis, Michelle Elaine Billings, MT BSN Nursing
Fisk, Janessa  Billings, MT MEDUCAT Family and Consumer Sciences Education
Demontiney, Jocelyn Maree Box Elder, MT BS Psychology
*Neibauer, Hunter  Chinook, MT BS Agricultural Economics
Weber, Michael Dylan Forsyth, MT BS Biological Sciences
**Lamb, Katelyn Christine Scobey, MT BS Interior Design
***Nielsen, Katie  Westby, MT BS Exercise Science
Krause, Jillene Ann Whitefish, MT PHD Communication
Miske, Ceara Catherine Wibaux, MT BSN Nursing
Johnson, Katie  Bellevue, NE BSN Nursing
Delozier, Regan Kessler Lincoln, NE BS Biological Sciences
**Swanson, Madelyn Rose Papillion, NE BS Pharmaceutical Sciences
Miller, Jamie L Medford, NJ BS Horticulture and Urban Agriculture
Conklin, Hattie Faith D'Anne Owyhee, NV MPHEPI Public Health in Epidemiology
Morse, Katrina  Pine Valley, NY BUS University Studies
Dunlap, James  Tulsa, OK BUS University Studies
Zehr, Jake  Happy Valley, OR BS Finance
Ewart, Jami  Aberdeen, SD MARCH Architecture
***Green, Savannah Julia Aberdeen, SD BS Sport Management
Heier, Victoria  Aberdeen, SD BS Biological Sciences
**Luond, Grace Shirley Aberdeen, SD BS English Education
**Rainey, Brooke Logan Aberdeen, SD BS Marketing
**Tobin, Jacob Marc Aberdeen, SD BS Social Science Education
Heier, Grace Isabella Brookings, SD BSN Nursing
Huber, Tanner  Dell Rapids, SD BSME Mechanical Engineering
Hursey, Madeline Kathleen Flandreau, SD MARCH Architecture
Haase, Kamron  Hayti, SD BS Physical Education
**Sylte, Avery  Ipswich, SD BS Biological Sciences
Johnke, Madison Paige Irene, SD BS Veterinary Technology
*Schilling, Makayla  Lennox, SD BSCE Civil Engineering
Griffin, Hadassah  Madison, SD MS Physics
**Kappenman, Allie  Madison, SD BS Human Development and Family Science
Larson, Olivia  Mission Hill, SD MS Criminal Justice Administration
***Clements, Melinda  Pierre, SD BS Interior Design
Swenson, Kaitlyn  Pierre, SD BS Biological Sciences
Zabel, Grey  Pierre, SD BS Agribusiness
Allen, Holly Anne Rapid City, SD MPH Public Health
Schmaltz, Jaxson David Rapid City, SD PHARMD Pharmacy
***Lick, Taiha  Rosholt, SD BS Human Development and Family Science
*Ailts, Elliana  Sioux Falls, SD BS Nutrition Science
***Hubbard-Howard, Stephanie  Sioux Falls, SD BS Interior Design
Kuper, Tori  Sioux Falls, SD BS Pharmaceutical Sciences
**Merkley, Hunter  Sioux Falls, SD BS Business Administration
*Reck, Gabrielle k Sioux Falls, SD BS Physical Education
Rogers, Jada  Sioux Falls, SD BS Human Development and Family Science
*Huseby, Colter  Spearfish, SD BS Biological Sciences
Murray, Elizabeth  Spearfish, SD BSME Mechanical Engineering
***Lekander, Lexi  Tea, SD BS Human Development and Family Science
Anderson, Natalie Ann Watertown, SD BS Crop and Weed Sciences
Eickmeyer, Allison Marie Watertown, SD BSCONSM Construction Management
***Schlecht, Christopher Alan Watertown, SD BSME Mechanical Engineering
Allbee, Kyle T Wentworth, SD PHARMD Pharmacy
***Borah, Emma  Clarksville, TN BA English
Majewski, Madison Judith Franklin, TN BUS University Studies
Garcia, Odalis Guadalupe New Caney, TX MS Psychology
***Crawford, Zachary Thomas Clifton Forge, VA BFA Theatre Arts
Dworsky, Anna  Gig Harbor, WA BUS University Studies
McInerny, Alistair Gilbert Seattle, WA PHD Discipline-Based Education Research
Bauck, Chandra Lee Stanwood, WA BS Human Development and Family Science
*Guenterberg, Logan John Bonduel, WI BS Sport Management
Silver, Brittany  Glenwood City, WI MLA Landscape Architecture
Wilkin, Carson Fox Hollandale, WI MARCH Architecture
Theurer, Trevor  Holmen, WI MPHEPI Public Health in Epidemiology
**Fetzer, Amanda  Hudson, WI BS Computer Science
Trifone, Kaitlyn  Kenosha, WI MLA Landscape Architecture
**Pickerign, Hunter Michael Menomonie, WI BSME Mechanical Engineering
**Uzpen, Halee  Osceola, WI BS Medical Laboratory Science
Lee, Nathan Thomas Prescott, WI PHARMD Pharmacy
Naranjo Mata, Sofia  River Falls, WI MARCH Architecture
Nyseth, Isabella  River Falls, WI MARCH Architecture
Stoffel, Joe  River Falls, WI BS Physical Education
**Hanson, Ethan C Schofield, WI BFA Theatre Arts
Rybacki, Benjamin  Somerset, WI MS Computer Science
Fike, Emma Ann Sturgeon Bay, WI BS Radiologic Sciences
Summers, Jacob  Trempealeau, WI BS Biological Sciences


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Other Countries

Name Home City, Country Degree Program
Tang, Chengyao  Beijing, China MS Computer Science
Saidu, Samuel Faraday Bo, Sierra Leone MPHEPI Public Health in Epidemiology
Rodrφguez, Oscar Jair  Bogotá, Colombia PHD Plant Sciences
Aryal, Bibek  Butwal, Nepal MS Mechanical Engineering
Alam, Nasih Ul Wadud Chattogram, Bangladesh MA English
Chowdhury, Sifat Karim  Chittagong, Bangladesh MS Mechanical Engineering
Koirala, Saurabha  Chitwan, Nepal MS Plant Sciences
Khan, Ihsan Ullah Dera Ismail Khan, Kpk, Pakistan PHD Transportation and Supply Chain
Islam, Md Zahirul  Dhaka, Bangladesh PHD Mechanical Engineering
Khan, Md Rakibul Hasan  Dhaka, Bangladesh MS Business Analytics
Tasnim, Ayesha  Dhaka, Bangladesh MS Agribusiness and Applied Economics
Bulathsinghalage, Chanaka  Gampaha, Sri Lanka PHD Computer Science
Aryal, Mahesh  Gorkha, Nepal MS Physics
Pandey, Ramsharan  Gorkha, Nepal PHD Coatings and Polymeric Materials
Alenezi, Lama  Hafar Albatin, Saudi Arabia BS Statistics
Johnson, Josephine Princy Kanchipuram District, India PHD Genomics, Phenomics and Bioinformatics
Budhathoki, Sunita  Kavrepalanchok, Nepal MLA Landscape Architecture
Rahman, Muhammad Ashifur  Kishoregonj, Bangladesh MLA Landscape Architecture
Koyuncu, Berkay  Kocaeli, Turkey PHD Environmental and Conservation Sciences
Chanda, Abhirup  Kolkata, India MS Computer Science
Esteves Rodovalho, Leticia  Limeira, Brazil MS Business Analytics
Trevino Ruperez, Ines  Logroño, Spain BS Psychology
Amadoru Jayawardana, Wathsala Mayurika Mirigama, Sri Lanka PHD Physics
Brar, Gagandeep Singh  Muktsar, India PHD Biological Sciences
Bansal, Gourav  Patran, India MS Business Analytics
Koh, Li Ian  Petaling Jaya, Malaysia BSABENG Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
Cheng, Kewen  Pingdingshan, China DMA Music
Zhao, Bin  Pingdingshan, China PHD Statistics
Ancheta, Mark Louise Milanes Regina, Canada MM Music
Tezuka, Sara  Saitama-ken, Saitama-shi, Japan MS Business Analytics
**Tan, Jesse  Singapore, Singapore BA English
**Tan, Jesse  Singapore, Singapore BS Computer Science
Islam, Md Shariful  Sylhet, Bangladesh MS Mechanical Engineering
Ghimire, Bijaya  Tharpu, Nepal MS Plant Sciences
Mankara Sureshbabu, Bijula  Thrisssur, India MS Plant Pathology
Gyawali, Bigya  Tilottama, Nepal MS Civil Engineering
Leier, Nick  Unknown, Afghanistan BS Biological Sciences
Miah, Md Ochiuddin  Unknown, Bangladesh MS Computer Science


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Unknown Hometowns

Name Degree Program
***Flory, Che  BFA Theatre Arts
**Brevik, Kathryn  BS Finance
**Fredrichs, Gavin T BSME Mechanical Engineering
**McDonald, Olivea  BS Health Services
*Shimley, Keegan  BSCONSM Construction Management
Abed, Mohammed Najeeb Abed MPHEPI Public Health in Epidemiology
Aderoju, Mayowa Samuel MS Plant Pathology
Alrubayyi, Saleh Abdulaziz MBA Business Administration
Alvarez Carrasco, Alvaro  MS Health, Nutrition and Exercise Science
Anas, Muhammad  MS Animal Sciences
Anderson, Brenna Grace BS Animal Science
Antwi, Juliana  MPHEPI Public Health in Epidemiology
Asante, Bismark  MS Agribusiness and Applied Economics
Balamurugan, Ridhanya Sree  MS Electrical and Computer Engineering
Bolibruch, Terezia  MS Health, Nutrition And Exercise Science
Chavez, Jacob  MS Health, Nutrition And Exercise Science
Doneen, Samantha  MEDUCAT Agricultural Education
Gearding, Deegan  MS Health, Nutrition and Exercise Science
Gerving, Danielle Rose MS Criminal Justice Administration
Goettl, Brady James PHD Soil Science
Greer, Camron Philander MBA Business Administration
Gubser, Michelle  MBA Agribusiness
Gullickson, Grady  MS Animal Sciences
Henkels, Jeremy J MBA Agribusiness
Jenson, Nik  MSE Software Engineering
Johnson, Anne  MS Sociology
Knopps, Alex  MS Psychology
Kucala, Elizabeth  MARCH Architecture
Kueper, Lauren Catherine MM Music
Kumi, Albert  MS Criminal Justice Administration
Kwon, Yeo Jung  MM Music
Landis, Cameron Bates MBA Business Administration
Lund, Bryson  BSIEMGT Industrial Engineering and Management
Malik, Amanda  MS Cereal Science
Milad, Maram  MS Horticulture
Mohamed, Mahmoud  MS Business Analytics
Moody, Justice  BFA Theatre Arts
Nagarambelli, Naveen Kumar  MS Business Analytics
Neisen, Shawn Gregory MM Music
Payne, Aaron  BS Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Pereira Cisternas, Cristian  BS Geology
Persinger, Olivia  MPHEPI Public Health in Epidemiology
Pfaff, Treksyn  MATRG Athletic Training
Pilli, Mahendra Reddy MS Computer Science
Potts, Mesa  MEDUCAT Counseling
Pratt, Angel  BS Psychology
Roy, Mishuk  MS Agribusiness and Applied Economics
Saludares, Rica Amor Gregorio PHD Plant Sciences
Saterbak, Abigail Lynn BS Criminal Justice
Schrapp, Tucker  BSME Mechanical Engineering
Sharrah, Daniel  MS Health, Nutrition And Exercise Science
Sheppard, Marcus  BUS University Studies
Springer, Benjamin  MPHEPI Public Health in Epidemiology
Stencel, Riley Alexander BSCONSM Construction Management
Talebzadeh, Sarah  MS Electrical and Computer Engineering
Tan, Jaron Xe Yung  MS Psychology
Thompson, Will D MA Communication
Tinquist, Morgan  BS Psychology
Walker, Anissa Sue BSCONSM Construction Management
Yang, Fue  MS Human Development and Family Science
Yeruva, Cerly Rini  MS Plant Sciences
Youngberg, Joel  MS Health, Nutrition And Exercise Science

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