Jan. 5, 2023

NDSU faculty member edits book on structural materials


Wenjie Xia, assistant professor of civil, construction and environmental engineering, is the lead editor of a new book, “Fundamentals of Multiscale Modeling of Structural Materials,” published by Elsevier.

His fellow co-editor is Luis Ruiz Pestana, assistant professor of civil and architectural engineering at the University of Miami.

The 448-page book introduces computational tools, theory and applications regarding structural materials. It also outlines modeling approaches for materials like metals, cement or concrete, polymers and wood.

“This book is developed for both education and research purposes,” Xia said, noting that he and his co-editor had the idea for the book back in 2019. “The motivation to write and edit this book is that we both teach materials modeling class, but we couldn’t find a good textbook that covers both fundamental and applied aspects of materials modeling in the market at that time. So, we decided to develop our own book that could be suitable for upper-level undergrad, graduate students and researchers who are interested in multiscale modeling.”

Xia said the book is designed to have two parts.

"The first part focuses on basic computational methods that can be broadly applied to different materials system. The second part is dedicated to applications of those modeling methods to different structural materials,” he said. “We view the book as a first stop for the readers who might be unfamiliar with multiscale modeling of materials but want to go beyond typical introductory texts. Eventually, we hope our readers could understand and appreciate the pivotal role that multiscale modeling has and continues to play in the discovery and design of next-generation materials.”

Xia, who joined the NDSU faculty in 2018, earned his doctorate from Northwestern University under the mentorship of Sinan Keten, currently the June and Donald Brewer Professor and associate chair of mechanical engineering and civil and environmental engineering. Some of Xia’s research interests include multiscale modeling of materials, computational mechanics and polymer and nanocomposites.

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