Physics Students Organize Community Outreach Event

On April 4, 2019, our Society of Physics Students (SPS) group organized a Science Fun Night at Longfellow Elementary School in Fargo.  The SPS coordinated with the school's PTA, recruited and trained undergraduate and graduate student volunteers, and set up and facilitated several hands-on science activities spread throughout the school.  Stations included Force & Motion, Magic Magnets, Soapy Science, Light Show, and Making Waves, as well as demonstrations with liquid nitrogen and giant bubbles.  The Longfellow PTA kindly assisted with registration, scheduling, and dinner.  The event drew close to 100 curious K-5 students, plus parents and guardians.  Fun and science were enjoyed by all.  See the pictures of the kids (young and old) below!

Science Fun Night 2015

Nov. 12, 2015, Science Fun Night at Longfellow Elementary School.

Science Fun Night 2013

Recently, NDSU Physics faculty and students from many science diciplines visited Longfellow Elementary for Science Fun Night.  Organized and run by Alan Denton, the program aims to engage and excite school children with fun science demos.  It is always a fun night when you can eat liquid nitrogen frozen marshmallows!

Science Fun Night 2010

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