Invited Article Published

NDSU researchers were recently invited to write a review article by the editors of the journal Langmuir.  Erik Hobbie and co-workers were invited to write an article reviewing the technique they commonly use to separate nanoparticles and nanotubes by size or type.  Read more at Langmuir!

2014 Undergraduate Physics Research Symposium

Our (semi) annual research symposium is back!  Get ready to see some of the excellent research being done in the region by undergraduate students!

The Symposium will occur on Friday April 11th, at the South Engineering (Physics) Building at North Dakota State University in Fargo, ND from 1-5pm. We plan to have a series of approx. 10-15-minute talks, followed by refreshments and posters. We hope this will provide enough flexibility for students and faculty to travel to and from Fargo the same day as the symposium if they so choose.

Follow the link to sign up!

NDSU Research Garners Journal Cover

A recent collaboration between Erik Hobbie, Alexander Wagner and Alan Denton has recently been featured on the cover of the journal Soft Matter!  See the link for more information: Soft Matter

Summer Highschool Visit

Mila Kryjevskaia invited some interested high school students to visit the physics department this summer.  Joe Koteles, a recent NDSU graduate, who is currently teaching at Grafton High School (Grafton, ND), brought 10 students to the Department of Physics for science activities.  Physics faculty, as well as graduate and undergraduate students, worked with the students to help them explore various physics phenomena (play with some of our cool demos).

Researchers Contribute to Solar Technology

See Andrei's press release...

Editor Comments on Faculty Publication

Sylvo May's article has received a very nice editorial comment!  see the full discussion at the journal of controlled release.

Award Recognizes Faculty Member's Contributions!

Research Assistant Professor Andrei Kryjevski received the Dell-Intel Young Investigator Award at the 53rd Sanibel Symposium, February 2013.  The Sanibel Symposium, organized by the Quantum Theory Project of the University of Florida, is the longest running, privately organized meeting in the field of the quantum theoretical treatment of electronic structure, spectra, and dynamics. Andrei also received the Second Place Best Paper award at the 2013 IEEE EIT (Electro/Information Technology) International Conference, held in May in Rapid City, SD, for his invited contribution entitled ‚ÄúSpatially Non-uniform Field Response in Arrays of Silicon Quantum Dots: DFT Computation".

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