Graduate Program

We are a research-intensive department, with expertise spanning experimental, theoretical, and computational physics.  Active areas of research include nanomaterials, soft condensed matter, biophysics, remote sensing and physics education research.  When applying, please indicate your area(s) of research interest.  If you wish to work with a particular faculty member, we recommend contacting that individual informally to discuss the availability of research opportunities.

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We are committed to enhancing the diversity of our graduate program and have recently joined the APS Bridge Program as a Partnership Institution.

'Research Active' Faculty Interests:

Yongki Choi
Single Molecule Electronics and Science: Nanoscale electronic sensing of single molecules, biophysics.

Warren Christensen
Physics Education Research:  Student Content Understanding, Curriculum Development

Andrew Croll
Soft Materials:  Experimental Studies of Polymers, Diblock Copolymers, Thin Films, Pattern Formation, and Mechanics

Alan Denton
Soft Materials:  Theory and Simulation of Phase Behavior of Charged Colloids, Polyelectrolytes, and Polymer-Nanoparticle Mixtures

Erik Hobbie
Nanomaterials:  Experimental Studies of Nanoparticles, Polymers, Optics, and Rheology

Mila Kryjevskaia
Physics Education Research

Andrei Kryjevski
Nanomaterials:  First-Principles Description of Electronic Properties of Nanomaterials, Nuclear Theory, Fermi Systems

Sylvio May
Soft Matter and Biophysics:  Theoretical Studies of Stability and Phase Behavior of Complexes between Lipid Membranes and Associated Biopolymers

Alexander Wagner
Soft Matter:  Simulation of Phase Separating Fluids using the Lattice Boltzmann Method

Graduate Admission

For information about admission, eligibility criteria, and application instructions, please see the Graduate Admission and the Masters and Doctoral Program Policies pages.

Physics Graduate Student Handbook

Follow the link to see our current graduate student handbook.


Informal inquiries about the Physics graduate program at NDSU may be directed to:

Dr. Mila Kryjevskaia, Professor & Graduate Coordinator Mila Kryjevskaia.


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