"Physics teaches us about the laws of the universe, the first principles. This type of "first principles thinking" may help you succeed in life in whichever passion you may pursue.If you like math, logical puzzles, thinking about things, or just want something different and you're feeling up to the challenge, consider a degree in mathematics or physics. Learning mathematics or physics will take you to new places that you have yet to explore. The lessons they bring extends beyond the subject matter, it touches upon the nature of our own living, and are completely practical for real life. I work better as a software engineer, in ways I could not imagine, because I graduated with a physics bachelor's degree." 

- Wei Kang Lim (BSc, Physics and Computer Science 2015)

"I believe that my PhD experience at NDSU has led to my success as a data scientist today. The experience I gained in critical research concepts and skills such as population sampling, error estimates, effect size, statistics, mathematics and programming have all been invaluable in my current projects." 

- Cody Gette (PhD, Physics 2019)

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