North Dakota University System Priorities

North Dakota University System Priorities

The North Dakota University System is a unified system of higher education governed by the State Board of Higher Education.

Needs-based Budget

Base 2021-23 Budget

$686.3M (UND portion $150M/SMHS $59M)

Funding formula decrease


Bond payments


Minimum Amount Payable (96% rule)


Cost to continue 2021-23 salary increase


Total 2023-25 needs-based budget
$680.1M ($6.2M redux from 2021-23)
Investment Opportunities
  • Behavioral Health Initiative to support campus counseling - $3.6M (base)
  • Veterans programs- $0.177M (base)
  • Workforce education innovation fund - $24M (one-time)
  • Education scholarships for energy workforce- $10M (one-time)
  • Dakota Digital Academy - $0.145M (one-time)
  • System-wide marketing support- $0.9M (one-time)
  • Forest Service- $0.387M (one-time)
  • NDUS System Office (CTS and Research) - $5.25M (base)
  • NDUS Student Grants (Scholarships and financial aid system) - $1.735M (base)
Inflation Response
  • Consider 6%/4% salary adjustment
  • Consider general fund offset for the tuition portion of the salary increase
  • Consider increase to funding formula to offset operational impact of inflation
  • Change Tier 1 match requirements for small schools and increase overall Tiers funding
Continue/Expand Support Programs
  • Expansion of Challenge Grant program
  • Expand statutory financial aid/scholarship programs
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