President's Council on Retention

President's Council on Retention

Student Success at NDSU is realized by the achievement of students’ academic, life, and career goals and is primarily influenced by advising, curricula, teaching, and their experiences in co-curricular activities.

To ensure that we are meeting our student-focused, land-grant mission, NDSU must take strategic action to retain more of our students on a term by term basis as they progress toward degree attainment.

President's Charge

The President’s Council on Retention was formed to improve NDSU’s student retention rate through the development of structures, strategies, and resources that help us meet changing student needs.

Council on Retention 2023 Report

The council developed its work to support the current NDSU Strategic Plan, specifically supporting Goal 1: Diversity, Inclusivity, and Respect, and Goal 2: Student Success and Achievement. The goals outline the areas in which to focus as will be seen in the summary of council work and future recommendations, while the metrics below will be our initial quantifiable metrics to measure progress. See the 2022-2023 Report.

Strategic Priorities

Our Why:

  • The State Board of Higher Education (SBHE) and the NDUS Chancellor have identified student success as a strategic priority for all NDUS institutions.
  • NDSU is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC).  HLC requires all accredited institutions to demonstrate educational improvement through goals and strategies that improve retention, persistence and completion rates in tis degree and certificate programs.
  • NDSU has set Student Success and Achievement as a priority within the new strategic plan. Our goal is to provide transformational experiences for students from diverse backgrounds through high-quality education and opportunities for personal and professional development.
    • Sub-goal: Improve our student’s academic success with outcome-based experiential learning opportunities and vital student-support services.
    • Action Item: Systematically use student outcome data to inform changes across programs, colleges, and the university.
  • Student Success is central to our student-focused, land-grant mission.


Becky Bahe – Director of the Career & Advising Center
Philip Hunt – Special Assistant to the President & University Registrar
Carrie Anne Platt – Associate Dean, College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences


Nadeje Alexandre – Assistant Dean for Student Success, College of Science & Math
Marc Bauer – Faculty, Department of Animal Sciences
Emily Berg – Director, Office of Institutional Research & Analysis
Jeff Boyer – Director of Assessment & Accreditation
Warren Christensen – Faculty, Department of Physics
Eric Gjerdevig – Faculty, Department of Marketing
Andrea Hein – Assistant Director, Career & Advising Center
Alan Kallmeyer – Interim Dean, College of Business
Angela MacAdams – Faculty, Department of Allied Sciences
Jennifer Momson - Faculty, Department of Biological Sciences
Lisa Montplaisir – Faculty, Department of Biological Sciences
Kaelen Napoleon – Diversity & Inclusion Coordinator, Office of Multicultural Programs
Michelle Pearson – Assistant Director for Learning Services, Student Success Programs
Scott Pryor – Associate Dean, College of Engineering
Michael Strand – Faculty and Director of School of Design, Architecture & Arts
Kaylee Weigel – Student, Student Government
Ron Werner-Wilson – Dean, College of Human Sciences & Education


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