Office of the President - Dean L. Bresciani

President Dean L. Bresciani explains the reasons that make North Dakota State University a school of choice for so many students in this brief video.

Welcome to North Dakota State University,

We are proud to be our state's first and still only institution to be named to the top category of the Carnegie Commission on Higher Education, and similarly, the only North Dakota university in the National Science Foundation's top 100 institution rankings. NDSU is the state's land-grant institution, which means we have a longstanding commitment to bringing education and research solutions to the people of North Dakota; NDSU’s access and affordability are exceptional among our peer universities. And even more importantly, it means we welcome and carefully nurture our students. I have served at a number of universities around the country, and I can tell you from experience that North Dakota State University uniquely combines commitment to students, citizens and research in a way few of our nationally top-ranked research university peers do. We truly are a student-focused, land-grant, research university.

We are privileged to work in a prosperous state, and so our potential to be one of the most compelling factors changing our state’s future path toward success is continuing to grow. Students here seek a traditional “in class” and rigorous research university environment leading to graduation and job placement in their field of study—and no university in the state is more successful at providing that opportunity. Our students learn from the best, in classroom and laboratory settings, working directly with top faculty. Complementing our academic offerings, we offer a breadth of student organizations that proportionally matches the best university in the nation, are plentiful and varied, and offer great options for learning as part of a team as well as leadership experience. NDSU also happens to have one of the most successful NCAA Division I athletics programs in the nation, both in terms of student-athlete academic success and the breadth of sports that succeed well into post-season championship play.

I invite you to explore the many facets of NDSU.  

Dean L. Bresciani

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