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Transforming NDSU for Future Success

The financial challenges facing higher education institutions are vast and NDSU is facing significant reductions due to decreasing enrollments over the past several years.  Reductions will be difficult, particularly because we have been absorbing cuts for a number of years, forcing everyone to do more with less for quite some time.  They also will be difficult because after a number of years of cutting, it is becoming more difficult to make reductions without impacting our core academic mission.  Without question, the budget cuts we are facing will be incredibly difficult. 

However, if we make these cuts strategically, together, I am confident we will transform the university to meet future workforce and research challenges facing North Dakota and beyond, positioning NDSU for future success.

Thank you to everyone for helping traverse these challenging times.  Continuing to work together to identify strategic opportunities, while guided by a deep commitment to the institution, will make NDSU a stronger university moving forward.

David Cook
NDSU President

Our Goal

Our goal is to transform NDSU into a stronger Land Grant, Student Focused, Research University. The NDSU Transform website is your source for information, background data, and up-to-date communication related to the NDSU Transform initiative.

Project Updates

Future updates for NDSU Transform will be posted as they become available.

Communications from the President and Administration
   ►  April 26, 2023 - Read MessagePresident's Council on Campus Well-being, President's Council of Diversity, Inclusion and Respect, President's Council on Retention
         April 26, 2023 - PresentationApril 26, 2023 presentation to the NDSU Leadership Assembly.
   ►  February 28, 2023 - Read MessageTransform NDSU, including decisions on our college mergers, academic leadership, strategic reduction, strategic investment plans.
         February 28, 2023 Presentation February 28, 2023 presentation to the NDSU Leadership Assembly. 
   ►  January 25, 2023 - Read MessageCommunication regarding the transformation efforts for North Dakota State University.
         January 25, 2023 PresentationLeadership assembly presentation outlining some steps taken, some proposed actions for feedback, and exciting investments. 
        Proposed Strategic ReductionsProposed Strategic Reductions as outlined in the January 25, 2023 presentation.
        Proposed Strategic Investments Proposed Strategic Investments as outlined in the January 25, 2023 presentation.
        5 College Configuration|FeedbackFeedback received over the past few months regarding the 5 college configuration.
   ►  November 29, 2022 -Read MessageMessage from Provost David Bertolini - College Ideas (drafts).
         November 29, 2022 PresentationNDSU Transform - A new Land Grant University.
   ►  October 25, 2022 - Read MessageCommunication regarding NDSU's budget.
   ►  September 7, 2022 - Read MessageInitial steps towards the five key focus areas. 
   ►  August 18, 2022Read MessageNDSU is preparing to conduct a comprehensive review of the University’s financial business processes - Huron Consulting Group.
   ►  August 15, 2022 Read MessagePresident Cook's priorities. Five key focus areas to advance NDSU’s success and vision.


Additional Information

NDSU Transform Home Page
This is the homepage for the President's NDSU Transform website and includes information about the project initiation, communication, background data and impact to NDSU.

Project Overview  
This page contains an overview of the NDSU Transform initiative and includes the president's guiding principles and key strategies.

Background Information
This page includes data accumlated while working towards creating a new Land Grant University that focuses on increased student success and outstanding research. 

This page includes reports, presentations, FAQ's, and background accumulated as NDSU works towards our transformation goals.

Accounting Service Center Home 
This is the homepage for the Accounting Service Center and includes information about the project background and financial impact to NDSU.

President's Steering Committee - Budget and Finance Operations Enhancements
This is the homepage for the President's Steering Committee on Budget and Finance Operations Enhancements, also located under President's Council's and Initiatives. See Huron's information regarding NDSU Transform.

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This page includes information to send ideas, feedback, and constructive criticism.


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