NDSU Transform

Message from President Cook  

February 28, 2023

Dear NDSU Faculty, Staff, Students, Alumni and Friends,

I want to provide an update regarding our initiatives to transform NDSU, including decisions on our college mergers, academic leadership, strategic reduction and strategic investment plans. I appreciate the significant feedback I’ve received from all of you, including over 700 written responses.  That feedback has continued to inform our decision making and refine our efforts. I would again also like to thank our deans who have shown tremendous leadership over the past several months helping us navigate these challenging times. Continue Reading 

Key Information

Please see the full February 28th presentation to the NDSU Leadership Assembly. 

Feedback received over the past few months regarding the5 college configuration is available here

Please see the fullJanuary 25th presentation to the NDSU Leadership Assembly, outlining some steps we have taken, some proposed actions for feedback, and exciting investments, also for feedback.  Proposed Strategic Reductions as outlined in the January 25th presentation   Proposed Strategic Investments as outlined in the January 25th presentation


More on NDSU Transform

Please see the Provost's webpage for background data supporting NDSU's tranformation of creating a new Land Gant Univeristy that focuses on increased student success and outstanding research. You can send ideas, feedback, and constructive criticism to ndsu.transform@ndsu.edu.   


May 17, 2022
President Cook's first day in office

June and July, 2022
North Dakota Tour

August 1, 2022
On-Campus meetings/tour began

August 15, 2022
Launched President’s Steering Committee on budget and financial operations

September 27, 2022
First Leadership Assembly: strategic priorities announced

September 30, 2022
State of the University Inaugural Address

October 25, 2022
Introduced NDSU Transform Plan

January 25, 2023
Message from President Cook

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