Moths of North Dakota

Notodontidae: Notodontinae, Dicranurini

Furcula cinerea (Walker, 1865)

Common name: Gray kitten

Hodges #: 7937

Identification: Rfw 20.6 mm, with transverse lines marked by wing shading and tufts of yellow scales at veins.  Terminal dots large and black.  Disc of thorax not contrasting with ptagiae and head.  Proboscis absent, palpi very short, eyes without hair, metatibiae with a single pair of spurs. 

Similar species: Many somewhat similar moths, note family characters- 7931, 7933, 7935, 7939, 7930, 7673, 9205, 9206, 10190, 10194.

Distribution: southern Canada and northern and temperate United States.

Hosts: Larval feed on Poplars- Populus spp. and Willows- Salix spp.



MN. Clay Co., Moorhead Science
Center. 6 mi. E. Glyndon. Hg/UV lt.
19- vi- 1995. G. Fauske, C. Lochen,
L. DeCock.

Close up of thorax showing little contrast between disc of thorax and ptagiae.

Larva, pic courtesy of Lacy Hyche, Auburn University, Forestry Images,




Fw venation showing trifid condition, three veins end along lower half of discal cell, characteristic of Notodontidae. 
Most of the similar species are Noctuidae and have quadrifid venation, four veins end along lower half of discal cell..





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