MNRM Advisors


Larry Cihacek
Title: Professor of Soil Science
Discipline: Soil Science
Degrees: BS Agronomy, University of Nebraska; MS Agronomy, University of Nebraska; PhD Soil Fertility, Iowa State University
Research Interests: Soil Management, nutrient management, erosion and cropping systems. C sequestration, soil productivity and quality


Edward (Shawn) DeKeyser
Title: Professor/Program Leader
Discipline: Natural Resources Management
 BS Biology, Jamestown College; MS and PhD Animal & Range Science, NDSU
Research interests:
 Wetland ecology, wetland assessment and monitoring, invasive species ecology and management, native prairie and wetland restoration


Christina Hargiss
Title: Assistant Professor of NRM
 Natural Resources Management
 BS, MS and PHD Natural Resources Management, NDSU
Research interests:
 Wetland Ecology, Assessment and Monitoring; Environmental Education and Outreach; Effects of energy development on natural resources, Water use and quality


Jason Harmon
Title: Associate Professor of Insect Ecology
 BS Zoology, Univ. of Wisconsin; PhD Entomology, Univ. of Minnesota
Research interests:
 Insect Ecology, Pollinators, Insect Pests and Natural Enemies in Agroecosystems, Environmental Change and Ecological Interactions


Jack Norland
Title: Associate Professor of NRM
 Natural Resources Management
 BS Wildlife Biology, Iowa State; MS Range Science, Montana State; PhD Natural Resources Management, NDSU
Research interests:
 Restoration ecology, Application of remote sensing to natural resource management, Study of natural resources management problems in a socio-ecological setting


Deirdre Prischmann-Voldseth
Title: Associate Professor of Entomology
Discipline: Entomology
Degrees: BA Biology, Alfred University; MS Entomology, Oregon State University; PhD Entomology, Washington State University
Research Interests: Integrated pest management, soil biota-plant-arthropod interactions, applied insect ecology, science communication and outreach


Joseph Zeleznik
Title: Extension Forester
Degrees: BS Chemistry, University of Cincinnati; MSF Forestry, West Virginia University; PhD Forestry Michigan State University
Research Interests: Dendrochronology of ponderosa pine and bur oak, bur oak regeneration, riparian forest restoration

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