Range Science Program
201B Morrill Hall

Research interests:

  • Range Nutrition
  • Noxious Weed Management
  • Grazing Systems
  • Rangeland Monitoring
  • Horse Forages


  • Ph.D., Animal and Range Sciences; NDSU, 1994
  • M.S., Animal and Range Sciences; NDSU, 1989
  • B.S., Zoology; NDSU,1987

Extension Responsibilities:

  • Provide statewide leadership in range and natural resource management programs.
  • Develop and disseminate educational material and programs for County Agents and Citizens of North Dakota.
  • Provide workshops and training sessions in the field of range management and development of a 12-month forage management system.
  • Provide leadership for educating our youth (4-H, FFA, and others) on the importance and uses of the range resource, conducting camps and statewide range judging activities.


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