Professor Emeritus
Department of Entomology
270 Hultz Hall


  • Ph.D., Entomology; Michigan State University, 1986
  • M.S., Entomology; Michigan State University, 1982
  • B.S., Cornell University, 1977

Research Interests: 

  • Insect-Plant Interactions
  • Chemical Ecology
  • Mechanisms of Plant Defense and Insect Virulence
  • Pollination of Western prairie Fringed Orchid

Teaching Interests:

  • Humans, Insects, and The Environment (ENT 210)
    • 3 cr. An introduction to insect science and how insects interact with humans and the environment.
  • Insect-Plant Intereactions (ENT 741)
    • 3 cr. Insect-plant interactions are a key feature of the terrestrial ecology of our planet. The course will cover plant interactions with both herbivores and pollinators, and will emphasize the behavioral mechanisms insects use to exploit plants.
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