Assistant Professor - Applied Ecology

School of Natural Resource Sciences

201c Morrill Hall

(701) 231-1834




    • Doctor of Philosophy in Biology – July, 2019 


    • Master’s of Science in Biology – May, 2014 


    • Bachelor’s of Science in Biology, Minor in Philosophy – March, 2010 

Research Interests

Fish and Wildlife Conservation, Climate Change, Landscape Ecology, Landscape Genetics

Previous Employment

  • UNIVERSITY OF IDAHO: National Science Foundation EPSCoR GEM3 Postdoctoral Scholar, July 2019-July2022 

Personal Interests

Strong passion for being outside, including camping, fishing and hiking. Conversely, thoroughly enjoys video games, board games, and Dungeons and Dragons.

Courses Taught

  • NRM 225. Natural Resources & Agrosystems

  • RNG 765. Analysis Of Ecosystems

  • NRM 670. Landscape Genetics

  • NRM 671. Landscape Genetics Lab

Recent Publications and Presentations

Selected Papers

Seaborn, T., E.L. Landguth, and C.C. Caudill. 2023. Simulating plasticity as a framework for understanding habitat selection and its role in adaptive capacity and extinction risk through an expansion of CDMetaPOP. Molecular Ecology Resources. 

Andrews, K.R., T. Seaborn, J.P. Egan, M.W. Fagnan, D.D. New, Z. Chen, P.A. Hohenlohe, L.P. Waits, C.C. Caudill, and S.R. Narum. 2023. Whole genome resequencing identifies local adaptation associated with environmental variation for redband trout. Molecular Ecology. 900-919. 

Alshwairikh, Y.A., S.L. Kroeze, J. Olsson, S.A. Stephens-Cardenas, W.L. Swain, L.P. Waits, R.L. Horn, S.R. Narum, and T. Seaborn. 2021. Influence of Environmental Conditions at Spawning Sites and Migration Routes on Adaptive Variation and Population Connectivity in Chinook Salmon. Ecology and Evolution. 11:16890–16908.

Seaborn, T., K.R. Andrews, C.V. Applestein, T.M. Breech, M.J. Garrett, A. Zaiats, and T.T. Caughlin. 2021. Integrating genomics in population models to forecast translocation success. Restoration Ecology. e13395.  

Seaborn, T., D. Griffith, A. Kliskey, and C.C. Caudill. 2021. Building a Bridge Between Adaptive Capacity and Adaptive Potential. Global Change Biology. 1-13. 

Selected Presentations

Seaborn, T., K. Ledger, Y. Su, J.Y. Jeon, A. Fullerton, D. Kuligowski, T. Bennett, K. Denton, M. McHenry, J. McMillan, J.H. Anderson, T.R. Seamons, G. Pess, K.M. Nichols, G. McKinney, and A.K. Fraik. June 2023. Comparative riverscape genetics identifies variable genetic responses to dam removal across species and their life-history forms. American Fisheries Society Coastwide Salmonid Genetic Conference. Boise, ID. Talk.

Alston, M., M. Youngwirth, A. Fraik, P. Hohenlohe, and T. Seaborn. June 2023. Understanding Yellowstone cutthroat trout hybridization and connectivity within the Teton River system, a combined genomics and modeling approach. American Fisheries Society Coastwide Salmonid Genetic Conference. Boise, ID. Poster. 

Seaborn, T., E.L. Landguth, and C.C. Caudill. Climate Change, Behavioral Plasticity, and Local Adaptation Impacts on Redband Trout Eco-Evo Dynamics. August 2022. American Fisheries Society. Spokane, WA. Talk. 

Awards and Honors

  • North Dakota State University EPSCoR STEM Research and Education Seed Award. 2023, $15,000. 
    • “Comparative bee genomics to understand the impacts of land use and climate change in North Dakota” 
  • Forest Service Research & Development Bipartisan Infrastructure Law Ecosystem Restoration Research Project Proposal. 2023, $974,122. Co-PI with Michael Schwartz, Alexandra Fraik, Rachel Toczydlowski, Taylor Wilcox, and Thomas Franklin. 
    • “Integrated modeling tools to monitor, predict, prevent, and eradicate aquatic invasive species from highly disturbed riverscapes” 
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