Placement in Language Courses and Credit for Advanced Placement

Please follow these guidelines in deciding which course to enroll in.  There is no formal placement exam; the level where you begin is determined by your previous study of the language.

  • If you have no previous study or less than two years at the high school level:  Enroll in 101

Advanced Placement for previous language study:

  • If you have two or three years of high school language study, or one year at the college level:  Enroll in 201 (With three years in high school you may qualify for 311; please consult with instructor or Spanish and Global Studies department)

  • If you have four or more years of high school study, or two years at the college level:  Enroll in 311

Please do not enroll in 102, 202, or 312 (the second half of two-semester sequences) without prior permission from the department.

Credit for Advanced Placement

Enrolling at the highest level of which you are capable is greatly to your advantage.  Completing two consecutive courses at the same level (201 & 202 or 311 & 312) with B's or better allows you to receive credit for the courses you passed over.

  • If you complete 201 and 202, with a least a B in each, you will receive an extra 8 credits for 101-102.
  • If you complete 311 and 312, with at least a B in each, you will receive 14 extra credits for having passed over both the elementary and intermediate levels.
To receive these additional credits, the following conditions apply:
  1. You must have no previous college-level credit in that language
  2. You must complete consecutively two courses within the same level, i.e. 201-202 (intermediate) or 311-312 (advanced); and receive a grade of or better in each course; courses may not be taken pass/fail
  3. Upon successful completion of the second course taken, you submit a petition form obtained from the Department of Spanish and Global Studies, signed by the instructor and the department chair.


 To request credit for previous language study:

Advanced Placement Credit Petition

NOTE: Please see course descriptions in the University Bulletin for required prerequisites. The following language courses do not require prerequisites:

  • FREN 101
  • FREN 220
  • GERM 101
  • GERM 220
  • SPAN 101
  • SPAN 303
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