Course and Schedule Information

In-Person and Remote Attendance Options

The Spanish and Global Studies program offers HyFlex Classes.  ELP classes are offered in-person for students in Fargo and synchronously online for students who need to attend remotely.  Contact the instructor for more information.


Course Eligibility and Enrollment or Admission


ELP courses are available to part-time and full-time students, conditionally* or fully admitted NDSU students, and students at other NDUS campuses attending through collaborative registration.

*English Proficiency Requirements: Students who require full-time enrollment can see English proficiency requirements here. Students interested in part-time enrollment may be eligible to enroll with lower proficiency scores. Please contact the coordinator or International Admissions to determine admission eligibility.

NDSU students can contact the ELP coordinator to determine which class(es) may be appropriate for them. New applicants should submit proficiency scores and will take a placement test.

Course Schedule

The ELP is integrated into the life of NDSU as a whole. We schedule our courses to correspond with the NDSU semester system. There are two 16-week semesters (Fall, beginning in August, and Spring, beginning in January), and limited course availablility in the summer.

Not an NDSU student yet? Begin the application process here!

Already and NDSU student? Contact us for more information about classes or assistance with registration:

Anneli Ryan 
Undergraduate Coordinator
English Language Program

Stephen Disrud 
Graduate Coordinator
English Language Program

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