2023 Welcome Week Team Application

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The Welcome Week Team is made up of three unique student positions. This allows you to choose the position that best matches your strengths and availability during the first week of the academic year.

Please consider what position(s) you will apply for.

“Group Leads" Lead meetings and help students develop a connection to NDSU within their assigned Welcome Week groups.

“Guides” Showcase NDSU hospitality and assist with Welcome Week events and logistics.

“Move-In Crew” Provide a friendly face and a helping hand to students and families as they move into their rooms.

You can read the full position descriptions and time commitments for each position using this link.

Please note that if you have accepted a position to be a Resident Assistant, Residence Hall Association (RHA) Executive Board member, or Campus Attractions (CA) board member in 2023-2024, you are unable to serve on the Welcome Week Team due to time conflicts.

Welcome Week applications are due on Thursday, March 30th. 

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