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Equipment Calendar


How to make appointments on calendars to reserve time on pieces of laboratory equipment. This equipment is available only to authorized users.

How to create an appointment on an Outlook calendar to use of an instrument:

1)     Download Outlook

  • Create an account.
  • Select the CALENDAR tab at the bottom of the page.

2)     For making an appointment:

  • Click on the time and date on which you want to make an appointment on your personal calendar.
  • A new window opens, called “Untitled – Appointment
  • Under the Appointment tab, double click: Invite Attendees
  • To make a reservation, double click: To…, and an Offline Global Address List opens in a new window.
  • In the search bar type in the key words that would help you locate the calendar from the global address list. Available calendars include:
  1. NDSU Hultz Hall ABI 7000 PCR machine usage log
  2. NDSU Hultz Hall ABI 7500 PCR machine usage log
  3. NDSU Hultz Hall Microtome usage log
  4. NDSU Hultz Hall Tissue Embedder usage log
  5.  NDSU Hultz Hall Tissue Processor usage log
  6. NDSU Physiology Zeiss microscope - lab 103a
  • Double click the desired calendar/(s).
  • This will add the calendar/(s) under the REQUIRED tab. Then click OK.
  • Include a subject, and select a start and an end time. Then click SEND.
  • Your reservation is successfully created on the desired calendar/(s) and is added under your MY CALENDAR tab on the outlook window.