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Agribusiness and Applied Economics

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Ricahrd H. Barry Hall, a large building of light-colored cut stone, is pictured at night.

Preparing Tomorrow's Leaders

The Department of Agribusiness and Applied Economics is proud of the service we have provided to the people of North Dakota since our formation in 1918. Our mission is to provide objective economic analysis to support informed decision making in areas of resource allocation, business management, and public policy for the people of North Dakota and beyond. We provide high-quality education programs for undergraduate and graduate students and for audiences across the state reached through University outreach efforts.


All of our faculty and staff strive to make our students’ years at NDSU as rewarding as possible. Our goal is to make our Department's programs worthwhile, progressive, and forward-looking to better prepare students for their future careers.

Undergraduate majors include degrees in Agribusiness, Agricultural Economics, and Economics.

Graduate programs include a M.S. in Agribusiness and Applied Economics, and International Agribusiness; a M.B.A in Agribusiness; and a Ph.D. in Applied Economics.

NEW PhD in Applied Economics!

The Applied Economics Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree program is outcomes-based. Students work with a committee to create a plan of study that will have specific field specializations. The program leverages the strength areas of the Department of Agribusiness and Applied Economics in applied risk analysis and institutions while maintaining flexibility to provide for a variety of student specializations, or fields of study. The program requires 15 credits of core coursework, with the remaining 75 credits earned through other credit-based academic activity selected by the student and field committee. Students with a Masters degree can transfer, up to, 30 credits.

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Agribusiness and Applied Economics

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