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An Agribusiness degree instills decision-making and analytical skills but offers students interested in food and agriculture the opportunity to strengthen their understanding of business – management, marketing or finance – by completing a business or accounting minor.  The program addresses emerging issues such as food safety, food protection and defense; and value-added food processing.

Agribusiness students can focus on:

  • Agrifinance — prepares students for careers in finance and credit with firms or agencies that extend agricultural credit and major agribusiness firms.
  • Marketing — prepares students for careers in agricultural marketing including commodities, sales, and business-to-business product marketing.
  • Management — prepares students for careers in business management.

Students are exposed to a range of concepts and methods useful in agribusiness decision-making in each of four areas of specialization: finance, management, marketing and policy/trade. Agribusiness graduates also learn problem-solving and effective communication skills.

Agribusiness students are required to participate in an internship during their studies. Employers continue to place high importance on work-related experience when they evaluate potential employees.

Collaboration with the College of Business Administration leads to concurrent satisfaction of a minor in one of the business fields. A minor in one of the following fields is required: accounting, business administration, entrepreneurship or logistics management. 

Agribusiness Major Degree Requirements

Agribusiness Minor Degree Requirement