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Applications are available for our spring 2020 reading groups.

The Logic of Collective Climate Action

Scientists placed a plaque commemorating Iceland’s Okjökull (Ok) glacier. They inscribed “a letter to the future” that reads...

Using the Benefits of a Free Market to Combat Climate Change

In a free market, the lack of restrictions gives entrepreneurs the freedom to find innovative solutions to problems.

Insulin Nation: My Story

Ray March talks about how his type 1 diabetes influenced his decision to research healthcare economics and regulation.

Prairie Prosperity: An Economic Guide for the State of North Dakota

In this report, we examine the history of North Dakota’s state finances and explore the policies that led to the current environment. We identify policy reforms to address state fiscal challenges and put North Dakota on a pathway to prosperity.


NDSU to host lecture on local government consolidation

Join us for this Capitalism and Society lecture by Dr. Joshua Hall on Thursday, Oct. 17. 

The Fed's Program of Two-Stage Sterilization

Somehow, the Federal Reserve is removing base money from circulation with precision in order to maintain a steady level of base money in circulation.

Reflecting on the Constitution in 2019

In the 232 years following the Constitutional Convention, we have strived to live up to these ideals. We have not always been successful, but as I take the time to reflect on the Constitution this week...

How Government Prolonged the Lobotomy

The use of the lobotomy in US medical history is a shocking and concerning event which continues to leave physicians and historians asking how such a thing could happen.

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