We provide economic research and programs to promote human flourishing.

The Great Debate: Marxism vs. The Market

Scholars will explore the great debate between the competing economic systems of socialism and free market capitalism. Each participant will receive a $500 scholarship. Apply now. 

Make licensure reciprocity permanent

The time is now for North Dakota to think about remaining competitive in recruiting needed workforce and securing the necessary health care resources for our state.

We need civil discourse, even in an emergency

Robust dialogue helps keep our liberties in the minds of our citizens and those in power, an essential reality if we are to maintain them after the emergency ends.

Economics Education for All

I remember two things from my high school economics class: credit cards have interest rates, and Moneyball is an interesting movie...

Prairie Prosperity: An Economic Guide for the State of North Dakota

In this report, we examine the history of North Dakota’s state finances and explore the policies that led to the current environment. We identify policy reforms to address state fiscal challenges and put North Dakota on a pathway to prosperity.


Society vs. the Environment?

Scholars will examine the conditions necessary to balance using the environment for immediate benefits and preserving it for future use. Each participant will receive a $500 scholarship. Apply now.  

Free the Entrepreneurs to Deal with the Covid-19 Crisis

During a crisis, we want to promote a high level of creativity amongst problem solvers so that we can discover and develop cost-efficient solutions.

Trust private enterprise to flatten the curve

Instead of pushing for more severe restrictions on our lives, we should look to markets to battle the pandemic.

Relieving the Pain of the Opioid Epidemic

From 1999 to 2017, nearly 400,000 people died from abusing opioids in the United States. In 2017 alone, more than 47,000 people died from...

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