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We engage in research and educational programs to explore the institutions and policies that promote human flourishing.

Mancur Olson Scholar Application Open

Why (Some) Nations Fail

Scholars will explore the classic puzzle of why some countries are rich and others poor. Each participant will receive a $500 scholarship.

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Entrepreneurship: From Ancient Mesopotamia to Modern Times

Scholars will explore the history of entrepreneurship from diverse regions, cultures and times. Each participant will receive a $500 scholarship.

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The Anti-Slavery Constitution

Racial inequality and institutional racism have reemerged as topics of intense debate in recent months. While these debates are nothing new in America...

The EXIM Bank Provides a Breath of Bipartisanship

It turns out the U.S. EXIM bank has bipartisan support (and opposition) and has helped North Dakota businesses looking to increase sales through exporting.



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