We provide economic research and programs to promote human flourishing.

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We engage in research and educational programs to explore the institutions and policies that promote human flourishing.

Applications Open for Mancur Olson Scholars

A Conflict of Visions: Engaging Political Disagreement

Scholars will engage opposing political views as we examine why we disagree and how to disagree better. Each participant will receive a $500 scholarship. Apply now. 

Dystopian and Utopian Novels

Scholars will explore dystopian and utopian societies through the lens of popular novels. Each participant will receive a $500 scholarship. Apply now.  


Using Synthetic Controls to Answer Health Policy Questions

One of the great challenges in doing empirical research is trying to determine what might have happened under different circumstances...

The Logic of Collective Climate Action

Scientists placed a plaque commemorating Iceland’s Okjökull (Ok) glacier. They inscribed “a letter to the future” that reads...

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