We provide economic research and programs to promote human flourishing.

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We engage in research and educational programs to explore the institutions and policies that promote human flourishing.


Mancur Olson Scholar Application Open

Bowling Alone: Revised and Updated

Social capital is needed for economic growth and a flourishing society. In this reading group, scholars will explore the concept of social capital and the reasons it has declined in the U.S. Students will discuss the role that declining social capital has had on rural communities and manufacturing communities throughout the rustbelt.  Each participant will receive a $500 scholarship. 

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Judgment and Decision Making

In this reading group we discuss how people make judgments and decisions, and explore different mechanisms that aim to improve the quality of people’s choices. Finally, we engage in a debate to provide other perspectives on the policy implications of behavioral economics.  Each participant will receive a $500 scholarship. 

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The Digital Revolution

How is technology reshaping our world and what does this mean for our future? I this reading group, scholars will explore these questions and topics relating to: artificial intelligence, virtual reality and the Internet of Things. Group discussion will deepen our understanding of how these innovations are transforming industries and changing how we live, work, and communicate. Each participant will receive a $500 scholarship.

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Pandemics and Liberty: An Introduction

Read the introduction from the new edited volume Pandemics and Liberty by Raymond J. March and Ryan M. Yonk. 




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The Center for the Study of Public Choice and Private Enterprise partners with the Challey Institute to offer a variety of speakers, workshops, and events open to the NDSU community and the general public. 

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