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Pandemic causes $1 billion revenue shortfall for North Dakota

At a time when many sectors of the economy were at a standstill, our biggest hit came from the collapsing oil market. This demonstrates a really big problem for our state.




COVID-19 and Unemployment Data Dashboard
Created by Dr. James Caton

Blog | New Alzheimer's Drug Approval Could Change the FDA's Approval Process for the Better
By Dr. Raymond March, The Beacon

Blog | Why Do Inflation Expectations Matter?
By Dr. James Caton, Sound Money Project

Blog | Is Centralization Needed to End the Pandemic?
By Dr. Veeshan Rayamajhee, Polycentricity

Radio | Jeremy Jackson on North Dakota's Economic Forecast
Ft. Dr. Jeremy Jackson, Prairie Public Main Street


The Anti-Slavery Constitution

Racial inequality and institutional racism have reemerged as topics of intense debate in recent months. 

The EXIM Bank Provides a Breath of Bipartisanship

It turns out the U.S. EXIM bank has bipartisan support (and opposition) and has helped North Dakota businesses looking to increase sales through exporting.



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